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HiRit: “I was really nervous in the first week”

Tom Matthiesen

One of the most positive surprises in the LEC Spring Split so far has been Misfits. With three new players on their team, they made a big splash in the opening weekend. While they went 0-2 in the second week, they still pushed the current number one team Rogue to their limits. Among the Misfits players stands Shin “HiRit” Tae-min, the team’s top laner.

HiRit misfits gaming

HiRit has been one of the standout rookies in the LEC so far.

After their first game of the weekend, HiRit joined us for a quick interview. He spoke to us about kicking off the year playing so well, how his team helped him overcome the nerves he felt at the start of the Split, and which team is already on his radar to beat next in the LEC. 

Hotspawn: Hi HiRit, thank you for joining today even though you guys didn’t win. I have to say though, you put up a great fight against Rogue. How are you feeling about the match?

HiRit: I think the game was really close. We almost got the win, but we got unlucky I think.

Hotspawn: Rogue has looked very strong so far in the LEC, so how did you prepare for them?

HiRit: Yeah, Rogue is a really good team. They look really good when I see them play. My plan was to just play better than the enemy top laner and help my team, so we could win that way. But sadly we lost.

Hotspawn: Misfits did start off doing well. How is the experience for you to make your debut in the league so strongly?

HiRit: I was really nervous in the first week. But I’ve played four games now, you know? So I feel really comfortable. I want to show everyone that I can be the best top laner in Europe.

Hotspawn: Did your team help you conquer the nerves?

HiRit: Yeah. If it looked like I was feeling bad, they would make a joke, talk with me… those things. Distract me. I really like my team.

Hotspawn: Good to hear that you get along with your team so well! Who’s your favorite teammate?

HiRit: Hmm, Razork. Razork is like a clown in the team. He’s a really funny guy. I like him.

Hotspawn: When you joined Misfits, did you immediately have high expectations for the team?

HiRit: I think that, with this team, we can get to the third place or second place. If we play well in the next few weeks, I think we can get there.

Hotspawn: What do you still need to fix to get there?

HiRit: I think the movement of our mid and jungle, for example when mid needs help, needs to get better. This one is very important. Vetheo is a new player, so I think helping him is really important.

Hotspawn: You have played well yourself, and we’ve seen you use Teleport a few times to help out your bot laner. When we interviewed Kobbe, he said he was very grateful for it. Is it the Misfits strategy to get the bot lane ahead, while giving up some farm in the top lane?

HiRit: [Laughs] I mean, if I Teleport to the bot lane, it means that I already have a lead in something. So then I can help out somewhere else to help them get a lead. Kobbe, or Vetheo sometimes… I will try to help them this way. This game I played Malphite, so I don’t need the farm. If I just help Kobbe and I get a kill, maybe he can carry the game. So I just trust him and use my Teleport.

Hotspawn: You also did it in the first week, on Camille.

HiRit: Yes! I was in the base, and Vander said that there was a play we could make. So I just used my Teleport, you know? [laughs]

Hotspawn: The Split has only just begun, with many matches still to be played. Is there any match you’re looking forward to?

HiRit: I want to play against G2. They have looked really good. Even if we lose against them, we will get more practice and learn something important. We scrim against them and they look really good.

Hotspawn: Finally, is there anything you’d like to say to the Misfits fans who have supported you so far?

HiRit: Thank you to everyone that supported me as a player. It hasn’t been long since I’ve played professionally, so I’ll make sure to put on better performances in the future. Please continue to watch over me.

Misfits Gaming play their next match in the LEC against Excel Esports on Friday, February 5, at 7 PM CET.