How to Play Killjoy

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Killjoy is one of the newest and strongest Agents in VALORANT. (Photo courtesy Riot Games)

Killjoy is the newest Agent in VALORANT and introduces a set of powerful abilities to the game. The German Engineer can hold a site single-handedly and prevent a retake with her trusty gadgets.

Players can use KillJoy’s Alarmbot and Turret to help prevent attackers from pushing into an area while they guard another entrance or choke point. Killjoy’s Nanoswarm grenades are useful deterrents that can prevent enemies from planting the spike and can deal out massive damage.

Killjoy’s Lockdown Ultimate ability can potentially detain an entire enemy team and leave them vulnerable for a few seconds, turning the tides of a round. The new Ultimate ability does take a little bit of practice to master. Still, it is an extraordinary tool in the right situations and deadly when combined with the rest of Killjoy’s abilities.


Killyjoy Alarmbot

Killjoy’s Alarmbot is a small device that hunts down enemies who enter its range and causes significant damage, similar to Raze’s Boom Bot. Players hit by the device are temporarily vulnerable and receive increased damage from all other sources, which potentially makes them an easy kill.

The Alarmbot is a reliable tool for zone control or an extra line of defense for a site. Players can leave an Alarmbot at the entrance of a site and cover another area as the device will alert the player when activated. The device can also be placed near a planted Spike to damage anyone attempting to defuse the bomb. An injured enemy can be killed by the Alarmbot, or at the very least distracted for a few precious seconds.


Killyjoy turret

Killjoy’s Turret is her signature ability and will be available to players every round. The small Turret shoots enemies in a 180-degree field of vision and can help chip away at enemy armor or health.

The Turret shoots at enemies 0.75 seconds after seeing them and fires in three-round bursts. Each round inflicts four points of damage per hit and moves up to eight at closer ranges. The Turret has 125 life, so don’t expect it to be invincible.

Killjoy can use her Turret to cover hard angles that are difficult for enemies to clear. Once the enemy takes damage and is distracted by the Turret, Killjoy can peak from a different angle to finish off the injured enemy. The delay before the Turret fires does provide a small amount of time for players to get to cover or destroy it, but it will alert players to enemy movement at the very least.

Another strategy is to place Killjoy’s Turret deep into sites to eliminate injured enemies or stall enemies from planting and buy more time for rotating defenders. The Turret can be picked up mid-round, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different placements and ideas.

The Turret is less useful when attacking, but it can still help defend a planted Spike. Defending players attempting to retake a site can be distracted by the device, which gives players a few moments to secure a kill on the distracted player. Players can also place the Turret to bait defenders and learn their location.


Nanoswarm Valorant

The Nanoswarm is a grenade that Killjoy can activate to deal damage to enemies caught in the blast. The grenade “goes quiet” when thrown and is hard for enemies to locate. This device will not likely be thrown in the middle of a gunfight, but a smart placement can easily win a round.

Killjoy must activate the Nanoswarm grenade by looking at it and pressing F. The grenade does not have to be in a clear line of sight, however, and can be activated through walls and other objects. Players should use this to their advantage as enemies will not have a tough time locating the grenade in the middle of taking a site.

The Nanoswarm grenade can be placed in default plant locations on either site and activated when a player starts to plant the spike. The grenade deals a significant amount of damage and can potentially kill the player planting the bomb. It is an excellent strategy to wait a couple of seconds after hearing the planting audio queue as players will likely attempt to finish the plant and die from the grenade.

Players can destroy Killjoy’s Nanoswarm before it is activated, however, so stay creative with your placements to avoid easy detection.

Attacking players can use a Nanoswarm grenade to flush out hiding enemies while advancing, or to cut off enemies trying to retake a bombsite. While the Nanoswarm will not always secure kills, it can still keep you one step ahead of the enemy team.


Lockdown is Killjoy’s Ultimate ability, which has the potential to disable an entire team. The ability is tough to master, but it can guarantee a few easy kills if used correctly.

The Lockdown ability costs seven Ultimate points and has a 13-second wind up before it activates. The device detains all enemies caught in the radius for roughly eight seconds, which prevents them from using weapons or their abilities. This can significantly change the tempo of a round, but it is difficult to trap enemies.

All players can see the Lockdown area when activated, which gives them a few seconds to escape. Most of the time, this means players can avoid being detained, but there are certain situations where they will be stuck or forced to retreat.

Players can activate the Ultimate ability when defending a planted spike and trap defenders trying to retake the site. They will either have to find the Lockdown device and destroy it before it activates, or wait outside of the blast radius. This burns a significant amount of time and makes it much harder to retake and defuse the Spike.

Defenders can risk pushing into the site and try to find the device, but they will have to eliminate the attacking players before they are Detained and immobilized for eight seconds. Defenders can also use the Lockdown ability to trap enemies who have committed to a bombsite. The attackers will be forced to destroy the device or retreat and give up the bomb site.

Attackers can also activate the ability when taking a site as the defending players will be forced to retreat to avoid being Detained. This gives the attacking team a few seconds to plant and to prepare for a retake.

Lucky players can detain attackers defending a Spike or make them retreat and buy enough time for Defenders to defuse the Spike. The Lockdown Ultimate is a powerful ability, but only when used correctly. One thing all players should try and do regardless if they are attacking or defending is to hide the device effectively. Players cannot prevent the ability if they cannot find the device.

Killjoy’s ability make her one of the best Agents for holding sites and controlling enemy movement. Her various devices can be placed in several locations and can be used simultaneously to stop enemy pushes or rotations. Her kit does require practice to master, but Killjoy can fit into any team composition effectively when used correctly.

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