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Valve Reveals TI10 Dates, Supporters Clubs

Michael Hassall

With the weeks advancing toward the end of the DPC season, all eyes are on The International, Dota 2’s championship event, as Valve formally reveals the dates for the tournament. In a post unveiling the release of Supporter Clubs, the promised ‘fan packs’ for DPC teams, Valve also let slip details of TI10.

Supporter Clubs

Valve released the dates of TI10 alongside their unveiling of Supporter Clubs (Image courtesy Valve)

TI10 will officially take place from August 5th, with the group stage running until the 8th, in Stockholm, Sweden. The Main Event will run from August 10th and conclude with the Grand Finals on August 15th. As per last years’ record-breaking Battle Pass, the prize pool for the event will be an incredible $40,018,195. The winning team will take home an estimated $17,000,000.

Just what form the event will take is still uncertain, though. As per their announcement, Valve acknowledged the challenges due to the ongoing global pandemic: “…our focus remains on finding ways to hold a high quality tournament in the safest way possible. This means we’re waiting to release additional details on attendance options as we gather more information on developments heading into summer. We expect to be able to share more with the community during the month of June.”

That means those looking to attend the event in person shouldn’t hold their breath—fans and press may not be allowed access to the tournament. Indeed many of the details around TI10 are still uncertain, with the venue for the event not revealed. It’s also worth noting that Valve has not announced the date or location of the second Major of the DPC season—an event far closer on the calendar than TI10.

No Battle Pass in 2021

The reveal of the TI10 dates also came with the news that 2021 would not have a Battle Pass. With over 40 million dollars raised last year, Valve has instead opted to launch two separate events over the coming months. In addition, the company specified that these would follow the style of the recent Diretide event and New Player Update. This suggests players can expect a new game mode to enjoy come June.

Instead, fans will have to make do with the new supporters club items rather than Battle Pass items. The newly revealed items, such as emotes and badges, will now show up for your friends and opponents, giving you a chance to show your support for 17 DPC squads. It’s no Battle Pass, but 50% of the revenue goes directly to teams, giving fans a direct way to support their favorite teams.