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OG Walks Over at MDL Disneyland Paris Major

Chelsea Jack

In two very fast games of Dota 2 at the MDL Disneyland® Paris Major, OG sent a message to doubters: we are here to compete.

MDL Disney Paris OG

OG are guaranteed top six at the MDL Disneyland® Paris Major after winning a stunning series against

The winners of The International 8 blasted through with a Drow Ranger line-up and then a Magnus-Phantom Assassin draft. Having said that, the entire roster had great games. The first game was over in under 24 minutes, while the second lasted fewer than 20. These two games are worth watching as OG show what it’s like to have a solid plan—and then actually execute on it.

In a post-game interview, Helen Xu spoke with “ana” Pham. Ana expressed that the team’s still feeling things out, enjoying playing together again. He thinks they’re on the right track—surely an understatement after the blowout series.

This is the first LAN the reunited OG roster has played at together. With their win over, they’re guaranteed a top-six finish, worth at least 900 Dota 2 Pro Circuit (DPC) points. That will jettison them into the top 12 in the DPC rankings, with only one more Major left in the season.

For their part, has been called the “raid boss” of Dota 2. They sit comfortably in first place in the DPC rankings, with a 900 point lead over second place Team Secret. has already secured their invitation to The International 9, so is it possible they’re not taking this event as seriously as other teams?

OG will next face Team Secret on May 10, while drops to the lower bracket. The CIS squad will play on May 9 versus the winner of Team Empire versus Mineski.