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Marci from Dota: Dragon’s Blood is Dota 2’s Newest Hero

Michael Hassall

When the animated Netflix series Dota 2: Dragon’s Blood hit screens in March 2021, one of the fan-favorite characters was Marci, Princess Mirana’s loyal retainer. Now, Marci is set to join the battle for the Ancients as Dota 2’s newest hero.

From the critically acclaimed Dota anime, straight into the game, Marci is Dota 2's newest hero.

From the critically acclaimed Dota anime, straight into the game, Marci is Dota 2's newest hero.

The character’s introduction was revealed during day five of The International 10, alongside a trailer for the new season of the Netflix show. Marci was shown leaping into battle utilizing the same aptitude for combat fans of the series will be all too familiar with.

Marci’s Dota 2 Abilities

In the Netflix series, Marci is a deceptively strong fighter who uses her bare hands and has been seen to bend steel bars and exhibit incredible feats of individual strength. As expected, in-game Marci is designed as a hand-to-hand combatant, which reflects her fighting style from the anime. First and foremost, she is a melee strength hero, starting with 23 base strength and gaining 3.3 per hero level. In addition, she is decently mobile from the get-go, with 310 base movement speed to her name.


Interestingly, though, her abilities all deal magical damage rather than physical damage, which is unexpected for a hero that literally fights with her fists and feet. This is likely for balancing purposes, as Marci would probably shred through spell immune targets for the whole game otherwise.

Marci's Q Dota 2

Marci’s Q, Dispose

Q – Dispose

Her first ability is Dispose (Q). Marci throws any target unit 350 units behind her, stunning the unit and dealing magical damage to it upon landing if it is an enemy unit. Any enemy units in the landing area will also suffer the same stun duration and damage value. Basically a suplex with a Light Strike Array (Lina’s W) at the end. It will take some skill and finesse to maximize Dispose, of course, as the throw distance is completely fixed.

Marci's W Dota 2

Marci’s W, Rebound

W – Rebound

Rebound (W) is a vector targeted ability, just like Pangolier’s Swashbuckle (Q). It does, however, require the player to target a unit along the vector, which means that Rebound cannot be used without another unit nearby.

Marci dashes to the targeted unit along the vector, using them as a springboard to jump 850 units in the vector’s direction. Upon landing, she deals magical damage to enemy units in an area, while also slowing their movement speed by 60 percent. Like Dispose, Rebound will also reward players that can line it up properly on the fly.

Marci's E, Sidekick Dota 2

Marci’s E, Sidekick

E – Side Kick

Sidekick (E) allows Marci to buff an allied hero and/or herself with both lifesteal and bonus attack damage for six seconds. While Marci can cast it solely on herself, it is doubly effective when used on an ally as well. This is perhaps the one ability that cements her as a possible soft support or hard support hero.

Marci's R, Unleash Dota 2

Marci’s R, Unleash

R – Unleash

Her ultimate Unleash (R) causes Marci to go into a heightened state, granting her more power behind her blows. Upon activation, Marci gains up to five Fury charges, which allow her to hit foes at blinding speed, akin to Ursa’s Overpower (W). The final punch in every Fury sequence (that being the third, fourth, and fifth strike per ability level respectively) causes an explosion that causes magical damage in an area around the target. The explosion also slows both movement speed and attack speed.

In addition, Marci receives a basic dispel and a 15 percent movement speed buff when Unleash is active. Presumably, Unleash also applies on-hit effects like critical strikes and attack modifiers (i.e. Eye of Skadi Cold Attack, Monkey King Bar Pierce, etc.), which might give Marci some potential as an offlaner in Dota 2.

Final Thoughts on Marci

However, regardless of the new hero’s abilities in-game, fans have already been won over by Marci. The cute-but-dangerous hero was a highlight of the Dota: Dragon’s Blood animated series. The series itself seems set to expand on the stories of Davion, Mirana, Marci, Selemene, and Carl. Meanwhile, it looks set to introduce even more familiar Dota 2 heroes to the story. The first series of the critically acclaimed show followed the story of the Dragon Knight Davion. It followed the hero as he traveled with Mirana to discover the mysteries behind his strange new abilities. Season 2 looks to expand on those mysteries and offer some answers for the traveling heroes.

Marci released on the evening October 28th Meanwhile, the new season of Dota: Dragon’s Blood will air in January 2022.

(Updated October 28th by Patrick Bonifacio)