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PGL Copenhagen Major – Which Teams have Qualified for the CS2 Major?

Zakaria Almughrabi

Counter-Strike 2’s PGL Copenhagen Major 2024 begins on March 17. The first Major of Counter-Strike 2’s history will feature 24 of the best teams in the world looking to leave their mark on a brand-new iteration of CS. Valve has changed some of the terminology regarding the Major, but both the qualifiers and the tournament carry their formats from CS: GO.

PGL Copenhagen Major

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PGL Copenhagen Major Schedule

The PGL Copenhagen Major begins on March 17 with the Opening Stage. This stage features the lowest 16 seeds playing in a Swiss format. The top eight teams will advance, while the bottom eight will be sent home. The Opening Stage runs through March 20.

The Elimination Stage begins the day after, on March 21. The top eight from the Opening Stage will match the eight highest qualification seeds for another Swiss format bracket. Again, the top eight will continue while the bottom eight are eliminated. The Elimination Stage ends on March 24.

Lastly, the Playoff Stage runs from March 28 to 31. The final eight teams will be placed into a single elimination bracket. All matches are best-of-threes. Each day will host two matches until the Grand Finals on March 31.

Who has Qualified for the PGL Copenhagen Major?

The Regional Major Rankings (RMR) events occur in the three regional groupings from February 14 to March 4. In these events, teams will battle it out for a chance at playing in the biggest tournament that Counter-Strike has to offer. The RMR events vary in format based on how many spots each region has earned for the Major.

Qualifying teams will be sorted into two stages based on their performance in the RMR. The top teams will get an “Elimination Stage Invite” while the others get an “Opening Stage Invite.” This essentially replaces the previous “Legend, Challenger, Contender” distinction from Global Offensive, but the result is the same. The top eight teams get to bypass the first Swiss Stage at the Major, while the other 16 will be in the ring from the get-go.

Here is the breakdown of how many qualification spots each region has:

Europe and CIS

North and South America


7 Elimination Stage Invites 1 Elimination Stage Invite 0 Elimination Stage Invites
10 Opening Stage Invites 4 Opening Stage Invites 2 Opening Stage Invites

All PGL Copenhagen Major Qualified Teams

Here are all the teams that have qualified for the PGL Copenhagen Major. The RMR events have concluded and all 24 teams have been decided. Note: Valve’s Regional Standings were used to determine the exact seeding of the teams that qualified, not their record in the RMR events.

Europe & CIS

Elimination Stage Invites

FaZe Clan (3-1)

Team Spirit (3-1)

Team Vitality (3-1)

MOUZ (3-0) (3-0)

Natus Vincere (3-1)

G2 Esports (3-0)

Opening Stage Invites

Cloud9 (3-0)

Eternal Fire (3-2)

ENCE (3-2)

Apeks (3-1)

HEROIC (3-2)

9Pandas (LCQ)

SAW (3-2)



KOI (3-1)

North and South America

Elimination Stage Invite

Complexity Gaming (3-1)

Opening Stage Invites

FURIA Esports (3-0)

Imperial Esports (3-0)

paiN Gaming (3-1)

Legacy (3-1)


Opening Stage Invites

TheMongolZ (3-0)

Lynn Vision Gaming (3-1)