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ImAPet Leaves Evil Geniuses Amid Player Conflict

Zakaria Almughrabi

Coach Chet “ImAPet” Singh will be officially departing Evil Geniuses after nearly two years with the roster. According to the original report by DBLTAP, the change was made after an alleged conflict with Peter “Stanislaw” Jarguz and Tarik “tarik” Celik.


ImAPet has been relieved of his coaching duties after internal conflict with EG’s players. (Photo courtesy HLTV)

On his personal Twitter, ImAPet posted a TwitLonger which contained more context behind the incident. He states that: “It’s no secret my relationship with Stan and tarik was absolutely horrendous. I don’t know what I could trust from them in multiple 1on1s nor did I agree with how we were changing the team strategically when we were all discussing what direction we needed to take to improve our consistency.”

In the end, consistency was Evil Geniuses’ biggest weakness. After the ex-NRG roster moved to EG in fall of 2019, they experienced a great deal of immediate success. They won their first event under the new banner – ESL One New York. ImAPet also led EG to first place at StarSeries Season 8 and top four at ECS Season 8 and EPICENTER. They even experienced a brief stint as the top ranked team worldwide.

However, EG’s failings hit just as hard as their successes. Whenever they looked like a team who could compete for the number one spot, the next event would show otherwise. So far in 2020, EG haven’t made it past the group stage at any major international events. They currently sit at seventh on HLTV’s rankings.

Evil Geniuses’ next game is on April 9th. They will be facing Team Liquid in a rematch of their incredibly close group stage clash at the Americas ESL Pro League. Whether or not EG will find a replacement coach by then is up in the air.

As for ImAPet, he is currently looking for offers. He certainly has what it takes to elevate a squad to the next level of Counter-Strike competition and will be a great asset wherever he ends up.