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ZooMaa Announces Retirement; Subliners Replace With Diamondcon

Jalen Lopez

New York Subliners player Tommy “ZooMaa” Paparatto has stepped away from professional Call of Duty for the foreseeable future as a result of a hand injury. It is unclear who will replace ZooMaa on the Subliners roster after his retirement.

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ZooMaa retires from professional Call of Duty. (Photo courtesy Andbox)

ZooMaa is a veteran Call of Duty player and has competed at a professional level for over five years. He is best known for competing with FaZe Clan for five years and helped the team win multiple tournaments.

During this time, ZooMaa noticed a weakness in his thumb and wrist, which required surgery. The recovery process was tough for ZooMaa, which led to a lot of stress and anxiety. The injury recently returned and has made it difficult for him to compete at the highest level, and stepping away from professional play is the best choice.

“Playing through the weakness and pain in my hand just isn’t possible anymore,” ZooMaa said. “I don’t enjoy competing when I can’t be the ZooMaa everyone knows and loves and feel like it’s not fair to myself or to my team to go through all that again, potentially causing more damage to my hand.”

It is unclear what ZooMaa will do next after retirement, but he did confirm that he will continue to show support for the Call of Duty scene. Several former players have found roles as analysts and casters, and ZooMaa’s experience and personality would make him an excellent choice for on-screen talent.

The Subliners also have a new position to fill on their starting roster after the ZooMaa retirement announcement, but they have not revealed if they will pull a player from their academy team or a new free agent.

The Subliners revealed on Thursday that Connor “Diamondcon” Johst, a player on its academy team, will fill the role on the starting lineup. He will make his professional debut at the Kickoff Classic.

The Call of Duty League returns on February 11th, and fans can expect more information at the Kickoff Classic on January 23rd.