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Path to Pro: Call of Duty Challengers Announced

Brandon Howard

When Call of Duty League officially launched its brand, they revealed there was going to be an amateur, path-to-the-pros scene that will make up an important part of the overall league. Call of Duty League has unveiled the details of the amateur circuit including the official name – Call of Duty Challengers.


Call of Duty Challengers will provide players a path to the Call of Duty League. (Image via @CODLeague / Twitter)

Call of Duty Challengers will act similarly to Overwatch Contenders’ relationship to Overwatch League. It’s essentially a place where teams will have the opportunity to scout upcoming talent – basically a minor league for Call of Duty League.

Call of Duty Challengers will take place both online as well as LAN tournaments spread throughout the Call of Duty League season. The online aspect of Challengers will essentially be a continuous ladder where players and teams can earn “Challenger Points,” which will help determine their rankings for online tournaments as well as LAN events. An official announcement regarding the rules of Call of Duty Challengers that will include a full breakdown of Challenger Points is forthcoming.

Players can begin their path to Call of Duty League by creating a GameBattles account and sign their team up for online Call of Duty Challengers competitions. Registration for online ladders is set to open on October 30 while they will officially begin on November 2, and the first online tournament will take place on November 9.

Call of Duty Challengers will be an important part of the overall success of Call of Duty League. Allowing players the opportunity to compete at a high level gives CoD League teams a chance to scout some of the best upcoming talent possible. As more people have the chance to compete, the talent can only continue to rise.