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Luminosity Eliminate FaZe Clan in Controversial Fashion

Adam Fitch

FaZe Clan has dropped out of CWL London in a controversial manner, ultimately placing Top 12 at the event after losing to Luminosity despite technically winning the three games necessary to claim a series.

Luminosity roar at CWL London

Luminosity roar at CWL London (Photo courtesy of MLG)

Playing Control on Seaside, it came down to the wire with both teams fielding just a few players after the 30 lives had been dwindled down over the course of the back-and-forth round. FaZe Clan were close to capturing the second point which would mean they won map, and the series, but Josiah “Slacked” Berry of Luminosity entered the church and used his Grav Slam. This wiped out the remaining players in the area but, as replays have proven, the point was already captured by their opponents by that time.

Despite the overwhelming evidence against the win, the game itself awarded Luminosity with the victory and, upon further inspection by those administering the match, kept them in the series with a 2-2 series scoreline. The CWL Fort Worth champions then went on to take the final Search & Destroy in a landslide 6-1 victory to claim the series.

This was FaZe Clan’s first outing since its return to the Call of Duty World League and they’re evidently not happy about the manner in which it ended.

Luminosity will move on in the tournament but it’s unlikely that FaZe Clan, and those that support the team, will be moving on any time soon.