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Call of Duty Fans Confused by Surprising League Survey Results

Olivia Richman

The competitive Call of Duty scene and the fans don’t seem to agree on almost anything going into the 2022 Call of Duty League season.

Call of Duty Fans Atlanta FaZe

Image: Atlanta FaZe Twitter

Dot Esports decided to survey over 30 coaches, analysts, and content creators from the Call of Duty community to find out their opinions on offseason roster moves and award predictions going into the upcoming season. The winners of each question, like Simp being the best SMG player, were not particularly shocking to anyone. But some of the runner-ups in each category were questioned heavily by Call of Duty fans.

Call of Duty Fans Question Esports Survey Results

Paris Legions’ Donovan “Temp” Laroda received a single vote in the 2022 MVP award and fans were flabbergasted. While Simp getting almost 50% of the votes in that category made sense, Temp was immediately seen as a “troll” pick. Some even voted that Temp himself had cast the vote for himself.

Temp is seen as a subpar player compared to many of the professionals in the Call of Duty League. He is also known to be toxic and always trash talking during games. Sometimes jokingly called “the best player to have never won,” it seemed quite strange that he would win the MVP award.

Three percent of voters also said OpTic Texas is the most likely franchise to “never qualify for a major tournament in 2022.” This was despite OpTic Texas being second to Los Angeles Guerrillas in the “best offseason moves” category. But apparently all of their impactful roster changes won’t lead to any qualifications in big tournaments, according to some casters and analysts.

Fans once again felt that anyone who voted OpTic Texas as unlikely to qualify was trolling. Some speculated that it was the same person who submitted Temp for a possible MVP award. OpTic Texas is easily considered a top eight team so the squad not making it to a major seemed to be a joke response.

When it came to best AR player heading into 2022, Alex “Arcitys” Sanderson got 62% of votes, which was understandable. But second place was far away, with Jamie “Insight” Craven getting only 22%. Many fans were confused why he wasn’t considered closer to Arcitys, with some even saying the Toronto Ultra player was better than Arcitys.

One fan pointed out that Insight isn’t as popular amongst his peers, which most likely includes the casters and analysts that participated in the survey. Of course, the outcome of the survey is completely biased. While these industry veterans have a lot more insight (har har) and knowledge than the average fan, their votes are a matter of opinion and educated guesses.

What’s interesting, however, is how different the Call of Duty fans feel about the teams going into 2022 compared to the casters and analysts.

Another concern from the community was that someone would take the time to ruin the votes by purposefully trolling when there was such a small sample to begin with. While it made some people laugh, others felt it ruined the integrity of the entire survey. An article that claims industry experts don’t think OpTic Texas will qualify for any majors is not a good look for the Call of Duty League.

But then again, how can an article be expected to care about the Call of Duty League when the league itself doesn’t seem to care. Activision Blizzard has proven time and time again that Call of Duty League isn’t a priority and that they are not ready to listen to the community’s concerns.