Riot Drops the NA, Rebrands To LCS

Amanda Zelauskas  | 

Riot has decided to change the branding for the North American League of Legends Championship Series for 2019. The NA LCS will not be known as just the LCS, dropping the “NA”. This is due to the EU LCS being rebranded to League European Championship, or LEC. There is no need for the NA LCS to be differentiated from the EU LCS since it is no longer the region’s brand.

There are no structural changes to the North American league. The rebrand seems to simply be a name change. The LEC, however, is going through a complete restructure and rebrand heading into the 2019 season and beyond. Europe’s League is following the steps that North America took with their franchising system. The NA LCS switched to a franchised league with 10 teams in 2018.

The LCS kicks off on January 26, 2019.

Amanda Zelauskas
Amanda Zelauskas
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