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Arozzi Occhio Webcam with True Privacy Review

Kiesha Richardson
Arozzi Ochio True Privacy Webcam


Arozzi Occhio Webcam with True Privacy

The Arozzi Occhio Webcam with True Privacy is the perfect combination of great HD quality and personal protection from compromised software.

Our Score

Arozzi presents an ambitious new webcam, the Arozzi Occhio True Privacy Webcam that promises a first in online protections. While many webcams rely on accompanying software for certain functions, consumers become vulnerable to being hacked. Arozzi circumvents vulnerabilities while providing a high-quality, yet affordable webcam.

What’s in the Arozzi Occhio box?

  • Arozzi Occhio True Privacy Webcam
  • User Manual

What’s in the Arozzi Occhio RL box?

  • Arozzi Occhio True Privacy Webcam with Ring Light
  • User Manual

Arozzi Occhio Webcam Specifications

  • Manual Microphone Circuit Breaker for True Privacy
  • Magnetic Lens Privacy Cover
  • Autofocus Lens
  • Omni-Directional Double Microphones
  • 1080p and 30FPS

Arozzi was kind enough to send us both the Occhio and the Occhio RL. The cameras are the same, except the Occhio RL has a ring light attached. So, we will simply focus on the Occhio RL.

First Impression

The Occhio is plug-in-play and does not require any software to operate. Although Arozzi says the software is coming, it will not be required to use the Occhio. While the Arozzi Occhio connects with just the USB-A, the Occhio RL has two USB-A connections. One for the webcam and one for the ring light.

The Occhio RL is a lightweight, plastic, oval webcam. The LED ring light is securely built into the bottom of the webcam, making the webcam resemble an eye. It has a magnetic lens cover. You can easily move the lens cap to the side or stick it on the back.

On both the left and right side corners of the camera are two omnidirectional microphone slots. Touch the top of the webcam, directly above the lens, to turn on the ring light. Touch again to toggle through each light setting or to turn the ring light off.

And beneath the lens is a switch to manually toggle the mic on or off. To the left of the switch is the microphone On/Off LED indicator. And to the right is the webcam on/off LED indicator. There have been privacy concerns about malware or vulnerabilities in software remotely on people’s camera. A manual switch helps protect the user’s privacy.

The Arozzi Occhio video quality is decent. Although it doesn’t capture an ultra-wide view, the Occhio captured a 90-degree field of view in full HD. It did a good job of capturing surrounding light as well.

The microphone is also pretty good and captures long-range sound. However, there was no way to filter out excessive background noise. Users would most likely use an external mic or headset with a microphone anyway.

Final Thoughts

From content creation to work-from-home Zoom meetings, everyone is snatching up webcams. The Arozzi Occhio True Privacy Webcam is a solid choice for any occasion.

Kiesha Richardson

Kiesha is a Gaming Content Specialist. She's a blogger and journalist who has been gaming since Jungle Hunt on Atari. Though she owns the woman-centric gamer blog, GNL Magazine, she is constantly owned by three 15lb dogs with 200lb attitudes.

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