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Creator 95 Collapsible Green Screen from Valera Screens Review

Kiesha Richardson
Creator 95 Collapsible Green Screen

Valera Screens

Creator 95 Collapsible Green Screen from Valera Screens

Elevate your content creation or create a professional background for your Zoom calls with Valera Screens Creator 95 Collapsible Green Screen.

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More gamers are becoming content creators. Adding a green screen to any gaming setup is always a plus. Not only that but more people are working from home. From Zoom calls to live streaming, more people are in need of professional green screens.  The Valera Creator 95 Collapsible Green Screen bundle is the perfect solution for creating professional backgrounds.

What’s in the Box?

  • Valera Creator 95 Green Screen
  • Built-in Carrying Handle
  • Valera Background Gallery
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty


  • Broadcast Quality Green Screen
  • Portable
  • Surface Body Size: 75″ H x 58″ W
  • Wrinkle-Resistant ChromaBoost Fabric
  • Complete Head-to-Toe Capability
  • Compatible With OBS, Zoom, XSplit, Virtual Background, iOS, and Android apps

First Impression of the Creator 95 Collapsible Green Screen

The Valera Creator 95 Collapsible Green Screen came in two boxes. And I thought I would have to watch a Youtube video to put it together. Luckily, it was fairly easy to put together, even though the instructions were kind of unclear. It comes with a telescoping support arm built into the frame for quick setup.

Once I put the green screen together, it was smooth sailing. It’s fairly lightweight. The green screen is massive, coming in at 75″ H x 58″ W.

The foundation is solid and very well built. Though the handle makes for easy portability, the case is still a bit bulky. I think a carrying case that would allow you to carry over your shoulder would be better.

Valera Screens also included a floor mount kit for a fully immersive, head-to-toe, background creation. It was fairly easy to use the green screen with OBS.

Here’s How to Set Up Your Creator 95 Collapsible Green Screen in OBS

  • In OBS Sources, add your video capture device.
  • Right-click your video capture source and go to Filters.
  • Add a Chroma Key filter.
  • Adjust the sliders to your desired effect of how much of the green screen you want to remove.
  • From there, you can add any image or video by adding your media to your source and placing it directly underneath the webcam.

Final Thoughts

Content creators looking to elevate their content would benefit greatly from the Valera Creator 95 Collapsible Green Screen. Don’t want your coworkers to see your background during your Zoom conference? You cannot go wrong with this screen. Its portability makes it a great investment, especially for creating content outdoors or going from location to location.

In the end, the Creator 95 does what it’s supposed to do. Its easy setup and portability make it a great choice for whatever content creation projects you’re working on.

Kiesha Richardson

Kiesha is a Gaming Content Specialist. She's a blogger and journalist who has been gaming since Jungle Hunt on Atari. Though she owns the woman-centric gamer blog, GNL Magazine, she is constantly owned by three 15lb dogs with 200lb attitudes.

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