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X-Bows Nature Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard Review

Kiesha Richardson
X-bows nature Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard 2


X-Bows Nature Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard

Adjusting to an ergonomic keyboard can come with a lot of growing pains, but that is better than the physical pain that can come with traditional keyboards. If you are willing to put in the effort, you are not going to find much better than the X-Bows Nature Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard.

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If you’re a gamer having wrist problems, X-Bows Nature Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard might be the solution. Ergonomic keyboards for gamers are few and far between. Fortunately, X-Bows is answering the call with their ergonomic ten-keyless mechanical keyboard with RGB.

PC gamers spend long hours grinding in a game, which can contribute to muscle fatigue, finger strain, and other issues. Gaming keyboards typically don’t take into account muscle and joint health. Ergonomic keyboards help alleviate wrist strain and help prevent long-term muscle health issues. Ergo keyboards can also be beneficial for gamers with existing conditions like arthritis and carpal tunnel.

What’s in the box?

  • X-Bows Nature Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard TKL
  • USB-A to USB-C Cord
  • Keycap and Key Switch Puller
  • Instruction Manual

X-Bows Nature Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard Specifications

  • 32-bit Master MCU + 8M Onboard Storage
  • N-Key Rollover (NKRO)Programmable Driver
  • Customizable LED Backlighting (16.8 million color options)
  • AL-Mg GR20 Solid Aluminum Alloy Panel
  • Gateron Switches (operating life of 50 million actuations)


345mm x 137mm x 30mm

First Impression of the X-Bows Nature Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard

The X-Bows Nature Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard is a good-looking ten-keyless keyboard. Its ergonomic design has a unique “arrow” shape that makes it stand out from other ergo keyboards. Though, the finger placements and expected finger use for specific keys can take a lot of getting used to.

The RGB lighting isn’t brilliant, but it’s bright enough great. The RGB lighting can be customized via open source QMK software on Github. This could prove difficult for some to figure out. Honestly, when I finally figured it out, I was already annoyed and just said, “I’m good.”

This particular keyboard uses blue, clicky, Gateron switches. So, that aspect of typing felt good enough. Adjusting to the odd key placements, however, was a struggle, even after a week.

X-Bows wants to reinvent the keyboard design to make typing more comfortable. They’ve invented a cross-linear layout so that typing is more natural for your fingers, wrists, and arms. The Backspace, Enter, Ctrl, and Shift keys have been moved to the center, just underneath the arrow. The idea is that users will use their thumb instead of their pinkies to tap these keys.

The science behind the reasoning for the key placements is sound, save for a few questionable keys. For example, there are two Backspace keys: one in the center and the other on the top right under PrtSc. Below the humongous Backspace key on the right is PgUp and PgDn. But where’s the Insert key? There are also three Shift keys: one in the center and two on either side with arrow/triangle symbols.

Final Take

I attempted to use the X-Bows Nature for a week and these old hands are just set in their ways. I kept reaching for keys that weren’t there. Typo after typo and not being able to comfortably hit any of the Backspace keys was frustrating. The only part of the keyboard that felt natural to me was the inverted numbers row.

All in all, the X-Bows Nature Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard is a very well-made keyboard. It could definitely benefit those looking to prevent joint tension or looking to alleviate muscle strain. And people with patience who want to change their typing habits would love this keyboard.

Kiesha Richardson

Kiesha is a Gaming Content Specialist. She's a blogger and journalist who has been gaming since Jungle Hunt on Atari. Though she owns the woman-centric gamer blog, GNL Magazine, she is constantly owned by three 15lb dogs with 200lb attitudes.

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