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Pulsar Lunar Alloy RGB Keyboard 3

Image Credit: Kiesha Richardson

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Pulsar Lunar Alloy RGB Gaming Keyboard Review

Kiesha Richardson
Lunar Alloy RGB Full Size Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Pulsar Gaming Gears

Pulsar Lunar Alloy RGB Full Size Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Pulsar Gaming Gears introduces the Pulsar Lunar Alloy RGB gaming keyboard to rival mechanical keyboards by major brands at an affordable price. Should you pick it up?

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Pulsar Gaming Gears is a new esports brand founded in 2020 to provide high-performing gear that won’t destroy your wallet. The Pulsar Lunar Alloy RBG Keyboard boasts a top-of-the-line mechanical keyboard with high-quality materials for just $59.99. Let’s see what the Pulsar Lunar Alloy RGB gaming keyboard has to offer.

What’s in the box?

  • Lunar Alloy RGB Full Size
  • Dust Cover
  • Key Guide
  • Brand Sticker
  • Keycap Puller
  • Switch Puller
  • Dust Wiper

Pulsar Lunar Alloy Specifications

  • Swappable Mechanical Switches
  • High-quality Double-shot Keycaps
  • Pre-programmed FN keys
  • 16.8m RGB
  • Non-detachable, Flexible Paracord Cable with Gold plated USB


  • Height: 37mm / 1.45in
  • Width: 435mm / 17.12in
  • Depth: 127mm / 5in
  • Weight: 1.98lbs
  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum Top Plate
  • Full Size (104 keys)
  • Pulsar Lunar Alloy Details

First Impression of the Pulsar Lunar Alloy RGB Gaming Keyboard

My first impression: Pulsar cares about presentation. The exterior packaging looks great with the shiny black logo on a matte black surface. The interior of the packaging holds a fun surprise of blue accents and Pulsar’s signature cartoon on the base.

Pulsar Lunar Alloy RGB Keyboard box

The Lunar Alloy RGB keyboard feels sturdy enough, at nearly 2lbs. Still, it’s slimmer—sleeker than most full-size keyboards, but I think that adds to its appeal. This keyboard looks great.

The RGB isn’t as bright as some other RGB keyboards. But the semi-muted almost dimmed brilliance works for its overall design. The colors are vibrant without being distracting.

When you first connect the keyboard illuminates in a soft blue with the main “gamer keys” illuminated in pink. The RGB can be customized by downloading Pulsar’s Fusion software. When you first download the software and load in, the RBG automatically changes to a rainbow wave across the keys.

Pulsar collaborated with Outemu to build these linear switches with box keys. Mechanical keyboards can be loud, and the Lunar Alloy RGB is, but not more than usual. A small, but not so small detail that makes this keyboard stand out is the font. Pulsar uses a subtle, but kind of futuristic font for the keys. It’s probably a barely noticeable detail, but I noticed when the keyboard illuminated upon connecting. It was an “Oooh” factor.

Typing on this keyboard does feel pretty good. A lot of PC gamers may not want to use a full-sized keyboard because of the size. But, as a writer, I need a full-size keyboard. And the size of the Lunar Alloy RGB allows for plenty of desktop space.

Possible Issues with Pulsar Lunar Alloy RGB

While this mechanical keyboard is fantastic, I found a few things that could be issues for others.

  • The paracord cable, though sturdy, isn’t detachable. Many gamers prefer a keyboard with a detachable cord. This isn’t an issue for me, personally.
  • Because Pulsar collaborated with Outemu to create the linear switches, they are only swappable with Outemu switches.
  • Though the RGB backlight is customizable through Pulsar’s Fusion software, it’s impossible to save your patterns. At least for now. When you disconnect and reconnect the keyboard, it defaults to the original RGB pattern. That is unless you’ve selected one of the preloaded patterns.

The Pulsar Lunar Alloy RGB gaming keyboard is a budget keyboard that doesn’t feel budget at all. If anything, the Lunar Alloy RGB keyboard feels midrange to high-end. As a gamer and writer, the Pulsar Lunar Alloy RGB keyboard is great value. It’s especially great for those newer to PC gaming. This keyboard is also great for fast typists.

If you’re looking for an affordable, entry-level, mechanical keyboard that feels pro, this is it. The Pulsar Lunar Alloy RGB gaming keyboard is a great choice.

Kiesha Richardson

Kiesha is a Gaming Content Specialist. She's a blogger and journalist who has been gaming since Jungle Hunt on Atari. Though she owns the woman-centric gamer blog, GNL Magazine, she is constantly owned by three 15lb dogs with 200lb attitudes.

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