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ROCCAT SYN Pro Air Wireless RGB Gaming Headset Review

Kiesha Richardson
ROCCAT SYN Pro Air Wireless RGB Gaming Headset


ROCCAT SYN Pro Air Wireless RGB Gaming Headset

The ROCCAT SYN Pro Air Wireless RGB Gaming Headset looks great and sounds even better. There are some smaller issues with the software it uses, but the headset itself is a great value for gamers.

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ROCCAT specializes in making budget-friendly gaming gear that looks good with virtually any gaming setup. The ROCCAT SYN Pro Air Wireless RGB Gaming Headset is no exception.

This gaming headset looks amazing. However, gamers need more than aesthetics to take their gaming to great heights. The most important feature of the best gaming headsets is the audio quality. The ROCCAT SYN Pro Air does not miss the mark with its 3D Audio. Let’s see what else the SYN PRO Air offers.

What’s in the box?

  • ROCCAT® Syn Pro Air ‒ Wireless 3D Audio RGB Gaming Headset
  • Detachable microphone
  • USB-C charging cable
  • USB-C adapter
  • USB-A transmitter
  • Quick-start guide

ROCCAT SYN Pro Air Wireless RGB Headset Specifications

  • Wireless
  • 50mm Nanoclear Drivers from Turtle Beach
  • 20Hz – 20kHz Speaker Frequency Response
  • 4GHz Transmitter Frequency Response
  • Rapid Charge Via USB-C
  • Memory Foam ProSpecs™ Earpads and Headband
  • Lay-flat Yokes
  • Dual Volume Settings
  • Detachable Flip-to-Mute TruSpeak™ mic
  • AIMO-compatible 16.8 million Color Lighting
  • Powered by Neon™
  • 2-year Manufacturer Warranty

First Impression of the ROCCAT SYN Pro Air Wireless RGB Headset

The SYN Pro Air has a simple, yet chic design. The plastic frame and oval earcups are all matte black. And when the headset is on, the honeycomb-like RGB lighting in the corner of the earcups look impressive.

The earcup yokes rotate to lay the earcups flat on a surface. The left earcup has a volume dial for the desktop’s master volume. The power button, microphone insert, and USB-C charging port are located on the right earcup.

The over-ear cups and headband are both soft and, again, lightweight. But this headset feels too loose. The headband relies on two rods for adjustability, that move up and down, but they don’t allow for much adjustment. This headset seems like it would be the perfect fit for someone whose head has larger proportions.

ROCCAT SYN Pro Air Wireless RGB Headset Sound Check

The SYN Pro Air Wireless RGB Gaming Headset sounds incredible. With 50mm drivers, the sound is typically lower than but crystal clear. I’ve had issues with some headsets with 50mm drivers where the volume is extremely low. With the SYN Pro Air, I can keep my master volume at 50%, and still have decent and crystal-clear audio.

The microphone gives provides very clear communication. There was no background noise or fuzz. However, teammates in Overwatch and friends in Discord said I sounded like I was in the next room. Both said I sounded like I was on the opposite side of a wall.

The microphone mutes when it snaps in the upright position. Just make sure the microphone is plugged in securely.

ROCCAT NEON Software for SYN Pro Air

To be frank, the NEON software is a bit unnecessary. NEON looks fantastic, but that’s about it. Its presentation makes it look simple to use, easy to find settings. The 3D audio setting is spectacular. Playing around with the equalizer didn’t make any difference in sound.

The SYN PRO Air RGB settings in NEON don’t seem to allow for customization. The customization option is in SYN PRO Air Custom. However, the customization didn’t activate. Turning off the lighting felt more like a frustrating mission in WoW only to find the quest was bugged. The “Deactivate” button is there. The illumination just didn’t deactivate.


The SYN Pro Air has lots of potential. I really wanted to love this headset and, I did fall in love with the aesthetic. Though it’s lightweight and made of all plastic, it doesn’t feel cheaply made. However, the NEON software, though still in beta, does the headset a disservice.

The sound quality of the SYN PRO Air gaming headset with 3D Audio is *chef’s kiss*. However, it would be better off without needing the 3D Audio to be activated in the software. Also, I’d leave the RGB customization for something else and leave the headset with the breathing RGB honeycomb as is.

I’m a sucker for headsets that look great. And the ROCCAT SYN Pro Air Wireless RGB Gaming Headset looks amazing. If the microphone quality was better, the 3D audio was plug-and-play, and the RGB was as is, it’d be perfect.

Kiesha Richardson

Kiesha is a Gaming Content Specialist. She's a blogger and journalist who has been gaming since Jungle Hunt on Atari. Though she owns the woman-centric gamer blog, GNL Magazine, she is constantly owned by three 15lb dogs with 200lb attitudes.

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