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Does the HyperX Cloud Mix successfully master both the needs of a hardcore gamer with the needs of an everyday headset user?

Does the HyperX Cloud Mix successfully master both the needs of a hardcore gamer with the needs of an everyday headset user?

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HyperX Cloud Mix Gaming Headset Review

Hotspawn Team
HyperX has become one of the most well-known gaming and esports companies in the world. HyperX’s brand has a collection of products that cater to gamers but the company has decided to expand beyond strictly gaming. That is why they created the HyperX Cloud Mix headset.
HyperX Cloud MIX 3 detachable mic


Technically, the HyperX Cloud Mix Gaming Headset are a pretty solid piece of tech. There are some small hiccups that could create frustrations for users, but the actual sound quality is excellent both when wired or wireless.

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The HyperX Cloud Mix combines the requirements gamers expect with the luxury of being able to unplug the headset to use it anywhere. But the question is did HyperX successfully create a product that can master both the needs of a gamer with that of everyday headset use?


  • Durable aluminum frame
  • Detachable Noise Cancellation mic
  • Built-in mic for wireless
  • Intuitive onboard controls for Bluetooth mode


  • Easy to transition from wired connection to bluetooth
  • No loss in audio quality when using bluetooth function
  • Headset included build-in microphone for easy on the go use with boom mic


  • Headset is not ideal for individuals with large head or prefer loose fitting headphones
  • Higher price point thanks to combination of niches - gaming headset and bluetooth headset
  • Skipping issues when using the bluetooth function with PC when watching streams or YouTube videos


Changes have been made to the overall look of the HyperX Cloud Mix compared to other models from the company. The gamer aesthetic has been reeled in a little by simplifying the color palette and embossing the logo on the sides compared to stitching them.

There is extra padding in this model versus other HyperX headsets, which was likely done with comfort in mind. However, this can cause pinching and pressure for those with larger heads.  While it was likely done with comfort in mind, sometimes a little goes a long way.

The ears themselves contain several features including an auxiliary port, play/pause button and a micro-USB port.

Though the HyperX Cloud Mix is solid in terms of practicality and features, it is not the most comfortable headset you will wear. This goes double for any prolonged gaming session or jog you might be wearing these for.



The sound quality on the HyperX Cloud Mix is quite good regardless if you are using them wired or wireless. Sounds don’t blend together, and you are able to hear the depth of sound in both game play and music. Though they are not strictly noise-canceling, the thicker padding on the cups helps users drown out the world around them.

Bluetooth Mode

The Bluetooth on the HyperX Cloud Mix is far from perfect. Users are unable to use the boom mic wirelessly, which is a concern for a product with the tag line “Game and Go.” This is especially concerning when you consider how much better the boom mic is compared to the built-in omnidirectional mic.

HyperX Cloud accessories

The Bluetooth connection was good in some areas but seemingly struggled in others. If listening to your phone or gaming, the sound was good. However, the connection when used with a streaming service like YouTube or Twitch seemed to be patchy.

Game Quality

The depth of sound in the HyperX Cloud Mix comes across exceptionally well when gaming. You can always tell the exact direction all the sounds are coming from with no delay. It can take some fiddling with the settings to balance voice on Discord and critical in-game sounds but it is not unmanageable.


Drive Custom dynamic, 40mm with neodymium magnets
Sound Pressure Level 100dBSPL/mW at 1kHz
Weight 260g (275g with mic)
Connection Type 3.5mm plug (detachable Headset Cable) 3.5mm stereo and mic plugs (PC extension cable)
Battery life (Bluetooth) 20 hours
Wireless Range Up to 10 meters


The HyperX Cloud Mix is a good gaming headset, but it comes at a cost. The $250 price tag affords you some good technical quality and features that can be used around the house. However, the Bluetooth performance is inconsistent, and they are not the most comfortable headphones you will wear.

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