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EPOS H6PRO Closed Acoustic Gaming Headset Review

Kiesha Richardson
EPOS H6PRO Closed Acoustic Gaming Headset


EPOS H6PRO Closed Acoustic Gaming Headset

The EPOS H6PRO Closed Acoustic is a high-performing gaming headset that combines design ingenuity and style to create the ultimate experience.

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The EPOS delivers everything you expect them to and more with their new EPOS H6PRO Closed Acoustic Gaming Headset. The H6PRO is a gaming headset for adults who value style as well as high-quality, audio performance. Evolved from GAME ZERO and GSP 600, the H6PRO is the new flagship headset focusing on impressive audio and comfort.

EPOS promises gamers high-performance power, control, and reliability with the H6PRO.

What’s in the box?

  • H6PRO Gaming Headset
  • 5 mm Audio Jack Cable x2
  • Microphone Boom Arm Cover Plate x2
  • User Manuals

EPOS H6PRO Specifications

  • Closed Acoustic Headset Design
  • High-quality Speaker System
  • Redesigned Long Boom Arm
  • Detachable Microphone
  • Redesigned Lightweight Profile
  • Compatible with PC, Mac, Xbox Series, PS5, and Mobile Devices
  • Wired Connection via 3.5 mm Audio Jack

First Impression of the EPOS H6PRO Closed Acoustic Headset

EPOS knows how to make an aesthetically pleasing presentation. From the package to the headset, I was impressed all around. EPOS was kind enough to send us the closed acoustic H6PRO in Sebring black.

Design and Comfort

The H6PRO is chic. This over-ear gaming headset is remarkably lightweight and shares a similar design as the H3. The frame is made of premium plastic that feels as sturdy as an aluminum frame. The Sebring black headset has midnight blue accents on the external earcup and the lower half of the adjustable headband.

The left earcup holds the microphone boom and the 3.5mm audio jack. The right earcup holds the volume dial on the exterior. This volume dial is embedded within the earcup and can be adjusted by rotating the dial clockwise or counterclockwise.

The interior earcups are made of a soft foam cushion with a light, suede covering. The exterior of the earcups have a soft faux-leather padding, sealing in the sound and locking out external noise. The headband is also made of soft, faux leather material.

The H6PRO has a bit of a clamp. For me, however, there wasn’t too much pressure. I was able to game comfortably wearing these for more than 4 hours.

Audio Quality

The sound quality is crisp, clear, and balanced. The ambiance in New World and The Elder Scrolls sound natural. Though it doesn’t have 3D directional sound, everything sounds sharp and still provides an immersive experience.

H6PRO’s exceptional audio clarity makes for improved team communication to maximize in-game performance. The noise-canceling earphones are designed to keep the focus on the game and not external noises.

Mic Check

The H6PRO comes with a magnetic, detachable, lift-to-mute microphone boom. The boom is long and sleek. The mic picks up immaculate audio sounds. I tested the microphone in both Discord and in Overwatch. Here’s what my teammates had to say about the H6PRO mic quality.

“Sounds crisp. The audio quality sounds better than your normal mic. Except I can hear background noise now.”

“You sound really clear. Sounds almost like studio quality.”

Even though the mic quality is stellar, it’s still detachable, which is great for content creators who want to use a stand-alone mic. It comes with two mic boom covers to stylishly close the mic input on both the mic and the headset.

The only issue with the mic is that it picks up a lot of background noise. This can be remedied with a pop filter.


The EPOS H6PRO is an amazing piece of gaming gear. EPOS really showed out with a gorgeous-looking headset with the impeccable sound to match. The H6PRO is a high-performing gaming headset with a pleasing aesthetic to match.

Kiesha Richardson

Kiesha is a Gaming Content Specialist. She's a blogger and journalist who has been gaming since Jungle Hunt on Atari. Though she owns the woman-centric gamer blog, GNL Magazine, she is constantly owned by three 15lb dogs with 200lb attitudes.

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