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For 249.99

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Astro Gaming A40 TR and MixAmp Pro Review

Amanda Zelauskas
We have been reviewing several types of gaming headsets the past few months in order to see which the best brand on the market is. Thanks to the team at Astro Gaming who sent us a pair of Astro A40s with the MixAmp Pro along with a tournament-ready (TR) mod kit. I was able to use the headset with and without the mod kit for over a month.

Astro Gaming

The Astro Gaming A40 TR and MixAmp Pro is a great mixture of sound quality and customization. As long as you don’t mind the plastic headband, Astro has made a headset that will sound great no matter the device you are hooked up to.

Our Score

Astro Gaming headsets have been known to be the best on the market with their impressive lineup from the year. In fact, you can find Astro headsets being used by esports professionals across the industry. The Call of Duty World League is partnered with Astro, so the headsets are used for each competitive map.

Even though the Astro Gaming A40 bundle with the MixAmp Pro is worth a pretty penny, if you spend dozens of hours gaming each week, it’s worth the investment.


  • Pro audio quality
  • Superior fit and finish
  • Swappable precision microphone
  • Mod kit ready
  • Dolby surround 7.1


  • Comfortable
  • Crisp, clear audio across multiple platforms
  • Mixamp works with any headset


  • Plastic headband
  • Price point


The Astro A40 TR is the third headset I have used from the brand, and the unboxing experience didn’t disappoint. The foldable box that houses the Astro A40 TR headset is sprinkled with beautifully imprinted designs that have a space theme. Once you fully unfold the box, the headset sets next to the MixAmp pro. The right-most section houses a microphone, wires and paperwork regarding software updates.

I was impatient and immediately put on the headset and plugged the wires into my PC, and hopped right into Apex Legends. I have a small head so I didn’t have to adjust the headband, but a slight tug is more than enough to extend the set. The microphone plugs easily into the left or right ear cup, which is nice for those who have a preference. Personally, I enjoy my microphone boom on the right ear cup.

The A40 TR headset comes TR kit ready. This is an extra kit that upgrades the ear cups and headband cushion from a soft felt to a leather padded, noise-canceling machine. Included in the kit are rubber-backed tags that help eliminate background noise. The A40 TR mod kit is available in red, blue, grey or lime green and costs $59.99. I was able to test the headset with and without the mod kit, and I was able to use them for several hours without them feeling heavy or pressing against my glasses.



After playing a few rounds of Apex Legends, I decided to set up the MixAmp Pro. It was very “plug-and-play” after I downloaded the software from Astro’s website. The MixAmp allows you to manually adjust the game volume against incoming voice audio so you can easily manage the two. For streamers, having the option to adjust volume controls with a nob or the push of a button is extremely valuable. Even then, there are different presets that users can scroll through to make sure their volume, bass, treble and more are exactly as they desire.

Astro A40 TR

Even without the MixAmp Pro, the Astro A40 TR headset is great for everyday use. I was able to travel on a 4-hour plane ride using the headset and mod kit and didn’t hear anything around me. The rubberized tags were able to block out the plane’s engines and the random chatter in the cabin. If the headset can hold up against a roaring plane, I imagine they would perform well in at an event with thousands in attendance.


Game Quality

Thanks to the Astro A40s, my life was saved numerous times in Fortnite. I was able to track my enemy’s footsteps while I was in the middle of a build battle, along with being able to hear their gun being reloaded. I also tried out the headset with Rocket League, Call of Duty’s Blackout and Splitgate: Arena Warfare. My opinion on the Astro A40 TR was more positive with each round I played. I was able to track and locate enemies easier along with the ability to hear my teammate’s call-outs without any interference.


Drive Dynamic, Open 40mm tuned for Gaming
Frequency response 20 – 20,000 Hz
Distortion THD < 0.1%
Weight 369g without cable
Connection Type 3.5mm 5-pole Mini-stereo and PC Splitter
Microphone 6.0mm uni-directional with noise gate


The Astro Gaming A40 TR stood up to its reputation and then some. I was able to use the headset on my PC, Xbox One, Switch and mobile device without suffering quality or comfort. Of course, the A40 TR paired with the MixAmp Pro is the best way to use this device, but it isn’t necessary. If you are looking for a gaming headset that will last years, delivers crisp sound and is comfortable then the Astro A40 TR is probably your best bet.

Amanda Zelauskas

Amanda has been a gamer ever since she could wrap her fingers around a controller. Her experiences in the gaming industry range from professional competition participation, corporate marketing, all the way to video game reviews. Amanda's entire life has been dedicated to video games, and now her passion is to share her stories and experiences with readers from around the world! Amanda has previously written for Newegg's Gamecrate, ZAM, and Knowtechie.

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