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HyperX ChargePlay Quad Joy-Con Charging Station Review

Gillian Langland
There’s nothing more frustrating as a gamer than realizing the controller you thought was charged is woefully dead. Many companies have rushed to create their own solutions to the ever-present dead controller problem, and HyperX’s is definitely a winner. The team at HyperX sent us a Charge Play Quad Joy-Con Charging Station to see if it could help us with our dead joy-con problem and after using the charging station for a month, I can say it’s one of the best models on of the market.
HyperX Charge Play Quad Joy-Con Charging Station


HyperX Charge Play Quad Joy-Con Charging Station

Losing peripherals can be easy, but the HyperX Charge Play Quad Joy-Con Charging Station will make that a thing of the past. Though simple in practice, HyperX created a wonderful, discrete storage and charging device that will make life easier for any Switch owner.

Our Score

HyperX is known for creating stellar gaming headsets and keyboards, but their dedication to the craft is visibly demonstrated in Charge Play. If you are the type of Switch gamer who loves multiplayer games like Super Smash Bros. or Mario Party, this is a worthy investment.


  • Simultaneously charges four Joy-Con controllers
  • Battery indicators display charging status
  • Convenient and secure docking with stable design


  • Small and compact design
  • Charge up to four joy-cons simultaneously
  • Rubber pads with weighted base for stability


  • No digital indication of charging status


The overall design of the Charge Play is meant to coordinate with the Switch charging dock with its matte black appearance and subtle detailing. Its dome shape hugs the joy-cons without looking like a blob on your stand. The charging station has a HyperX logo where all four lights of the charging docks are located. The logo in the middle and the bottom of the dome are slatted to allow for good airflow and ventilation while charging any joy-cons.

The joy-cons fit into the charging station seamlessly and look pretty snug in the station when they click into place. Users shouldn’t be dissuaded by thinking that the charging pad won’t look good if you don’t have all joy-cons in the station. The Charge Play looks good right next to your Switch dock, filled or unfilled.


The Charge Play dock is really easy and straightforward to use with no buttons to fuss with. When you load the joy-con into the slot, the corresponding light will illuminate to indicate it has begun to charge the controller. The light will turn solid once the joy-con is fully charged. Once removed, the light will completely turn off.

The time to charge a joy-con from start to finish is quite fast. And if you leave your joy-cons in the Station, you’ll really never have to worry about their batteries getting low. We use ours as a stand to hold our joy-cons, which adds to the aesthetic of our gaming set-up.


Gaming Platform Nintendo Switch
Number of Ports 4
Battery Indicators 4 LED Indicators
Dimensions 117mm (L) x 56 mm (H)
Cable Length 2 m


The Charge Play Quad Joy-Con Charging Station is a great addition to any gamer’s Nintendo Switch set-up. It’s an affordable option for a gamer who has more than two joy-cons – especially for those who struggle to keep them all charged at once.

Gillian Langland

Gillian is Hotspawn's Communication Manager. She is also a lifelong gamer with a habit of getting distracted by random side quests, falling in love with fictional video game characters and forever buying wards as a position 5 in Dota 2. You can normally find her watching far too many Twitch streams to be human and rambling about esports community issues with a cup of coffee in hand.

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