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The OPSEAT Master Gaming Chair proves to be a very comfortable option. (Image via Gillian Linscott)

The OPSEAT Master Gaming Chair proves to be a very comfortable option. (Image via Gillian Linscott)

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OPSEAT Master Gaming Chair Review

Gillian Langland
With a million gaming chairs on the market, it can be overwhelming to figure out which one is for you - especially when you consider how crucial a gaming chair is to your health. There’s a big push for gamers to consider their long-term health when it comes to gaming and rightly so. The OPSEAT Master Gaming Chair boasts that they created a gaming chair that truly helps support your back through many hours of continuous gaming as well as being a great addition to your gaming set-up. They’ve made a big claim saying that their chair is engineers to “defeat back pain” but I’m willing to put my back into it and figure out whether the OPSEAT Master Chair is worth the price tag AND your time.
Opseat gaming chair


The OPSEAT Master Gaming Chair may share similar aesthetics to many of the gaming chairs on the market, but the comfort for users is almost unmatched. With plenty of features to maximize comfort, OPSEAT made a masterclass with this chair.

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Unfortunately, OPSEAT has gone out of business since the original publication of this article. If you are searching for the Best Gaming Chair for your needs, check out our list here.

We’ve partnered with OPSEAT to give one lucky winner their very own OPSEAT Master Gaming Chair in the color of their choosing. They’ve supplied a chair for us to review in addition to giving that one lucky winner their own Master Gaming Chair. Check out the contest details here to find out how to enter.


    • Memory Foam Pillows
    • 4D Arm Rests
    • 12-degree Multi Tilt Mechanism
    • Cold Cured Foam
    • Perforated Leather
    • 180 degree Reclining Back
    • Strong Metal Frame


The Master Gaming Chair by OPSEAT looks similar to other gaming chairs on the market – it’s got the high headpiece, the ventilation holes at the “neck,” angled backrest and seat to ensure you stay in place and armrests.

OPSEAT put their consumer’s needs first when they designed the look of the chair, especially when it came to how customized the chair is. OPSEAT offers 11 different colors for their Master Gaming Chair which is at least five colors more than their leading competitor. I’m very particular when it comes to the furniture I buy for my apartment and I wanted a chair that was green so it could match my set-up. OPSEAT was the only brand that I could find that offered a green accent color which says a lot about the brand. Whatever color you choose, the chair will feature ventilation holes, embroidered OPSEAT name, both the back and seat side panels, wheel covers and stitching all in the color of your choosing. My only complaint about the color scheme of the chair is that the neck and lumbar pillows are not also in your chosen color – specifically the neck pillow as it covers the ventilation holes, hiding the green color beneath it.


When I picked up the package from my front desk, I had every intention of carrying it back to the apartment. However, I had underestimated how heavy the boxed chair was. It’s a big package and it’s a heavy one. With how much it weighed, I was timid about how hard it would be to put together.

The chair comes in several pieces in the box – chair back, seat, base with lever attached, wheel, bag of parts and the two pillows. The instructions are easy enough to follow. I had two complaints. First was with the key that they created to screw in all the part and the second was putting the base on the gas lift.

OP Gaming Seat texture cushion

OPSEAT designed their screwdriver similar to an Allen key except with one fundamental flaw – where the Allen key is designed to be able to fully rotate in any awkward angle, OPSTEAT’s does not. So you’re stuck screwing six big screws with a key that can’t fully rotate which means you’re pulling it out every two-three seconds. Not fun. The second issue was with the base, again. It’s a heavy base and unless you have a second person to put it together, it was really had to get the base onto the wheels and the gas lift. It took me a good five-seven minutes. However, once it’s in, the rest is really easy. Overall, not an awful experience but there’s definitely room for improvement.


Unbeknownst to me, the OPSEAT Master Gaming Chair actually broke a bad habit that I had. I mentioned earlier that the chair had cold molded foam that is curved in the body of the chair to help you optimally sit in the chair. It guides your back and your hips to sit correctly when you are in it. I had a bad habit of crossing one leg under me when I sit. So day one of using it, I kept sitting down, crossing my leg and then trying to wheel under my desk only to smash my knee into my desk Every. Single. Time. It’s because the chair is molded to your legs and anything that’s not in its proper place – gets smashed.
Besides my unfortunate knee issue, I found the Master Gaming Chair really good for my back and for my lower back problem. I was able to easily work an 8 hour day in the chair, including an Overwatch break or two, without any issues. I found it handy to be able to restrict my chair from leaning back so that I wasn’t putting any undue stress on my lower back.

One feature that interested me was the chair’s 180 degree “Full Reclining Back” which basically means you can lay down in it. I’m happy to report that not only did I successfully manage to do this without falling out of my chair or breaking anything but it is actually pretty comfortable.


Weight 51 lbs
Material Metal frame, synthetic leather
Warranty 1 year
Weight Limit 300 lbs
Dimensions 44-47 inches (H) x 25 inches (W)


It’s been a long time since I’ve sat in a chair as comfortable as the OPSEAT’s Master Gaming Chair, no joke. I’ve gone to conventions and sat in the countless gaming chair booths trying out their chairs, which is a privilege that online shoppers don’t get. It’s why when It say the OPSEAT Master Gaming Chair is one of the best gaming chairs available to US customers, I’m not saying it lightly. Aesthetically the chair is similar to other designs on the market, but customizing the chair means that you get more than just two racing stripes down the side in your chosen color. Comfort-wise, I spend all day in the chair and I’ve found my lower back, arms and shoulders hurt less and my has posture improved. Has OPSEAT combined comfort, functionality, and ergonomics to create a good gaming chair? Unequivocally, yes! Is this a must-buy for any serious gamer? Absolutely.

Gillian Langland

Gillian is Hotspawn's Communication Manager. She is also a lifelong gamer with a habit of getting distracted by random side quests, falling in love with fictional video game characters and forever buying wards as a position 5 in Dota 2. You can normally find her watching far too many Twitch streams to be human and rambling about esports community issues with a cup of coffee in hand.

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