ReKTGlobal and Rogue Announce Investment by DJ Romero

Gillian Langland  | 
DJ Nicky Romero joins expanding list of musicians who've invested in ReKTGlobal. (Image via ReKTGlobal)

DJ Nicky Romero joins expanding list of musicians who've invested in ReKTGlobal. (Image via ReKTGlobal)

ReKTGlobal, parent company of esports organization Rogue, announced today that DJ Nicky Romero joins their list of investors. DJ Romero joins other musicians who’ve already invested in ReKTGlobal such as Steve Aoki, Tainy and Lex Borrero, and Imagine Dragons.

Co-founder of ReKTGlobal Amish Shah commented on Romero’s decision to invest in ReKTGlobal by saying, “esports is rapidly growing and dominating the culture right now, we are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to intersect music and ultimately reach the fans.”

There’s a growing trend of musicians investing in esports organizations. Esports and music are a natural pairing. Fans of esports have their tournament and in-game experiences heightened by such investments and the creative ways musicians are making their mark in-game has been quite interesting to see. Just take Marshmello’s in-game concert earlier this year in Fortnite, which boasted more than ten million viewers.

DJ Romero made note that he was excited about his decision to join ReTKGlobal because not only is gaming a huge part of his daily life as a way of winding down after a long night of recording but he’s also excited to start playing some FIFA with Rogue’s FIFA team!

Rogue’s current lineup features teams in League of Legends, FIFA 19, Rainbow Six Siege, Rocket League, Fortnite, Super Smash Bros. and Apex Legends.

ReKTGlobal seems to be taking a direction with their sponsors and the type of partners they are looking to invest in their organization. In a press release, ReKTGLobal indicates Romero will “support the growth and continued global expansion of ReKTGlobal and Rogue through strategic integrations and partnerships. He will also co-host livestreams and deliver creative fan content alongside Rogue players.” Until these things materialize, we can be sure that Rogue parties have the best tunes around.

Gillian Langland
Gillian Langland
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