Rekkles Departs Fnatic After Five Years

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Rekkles has decided to leave Fnatic for a new destination after a long history with the organization (Photo via Yicun Liu | Riot Games)

Rekkles has decided to leave Fnatic for a new destination after a long history with the organization (Photo via Yicun Liu | Riot Games)

Fnatic has revealed that Martin “Rekkles” Larsson has decided to sign with a new team ahead of the 2021 League of Legends season. The player departs Fnatic after spending the last five years on the active roster.

Rekkles has had a long career with Fnatic. He first appeared on the team when he was 16, being too young to play for the EU LCS at the time. When he became of age, he joined Fnatic as their starting ADC.

While having a strong Season 3 on the roster, he then moved on to join Alliance in 2014 to form Europe’s first super-team alongside the likes of Henrik “Froggen” Hansen. While the team had success, they failed to make it out of groups during Worlds 2014. After that stint, the Swede returned to Fnatic, where he has played ever since.

Throughout his time on Fnatic, he lifted six LEC/EU LCS trophies on the team, with another one picked up on the Alliance roster back in Summer 2014. He has also made it to the Worlds 2018 Finals, finishing second after losing to Invictus Gaming. He also achieved such feats as becoming a Worlds semi-finalist in 2015.

However, the player has decided to step away from Fnatic to an unannounced team. Rekkles has not managed to lift a trophy since Summer 2018. This is not to mention that Rekkles has been one of the stand-out performers amongst other World caliber Marksman players for the last two years.

Despite telling Fnatic earlier in the year that he was happy to stay, his circumstances seem to have changed. It seems Rekkles wants one more shot at making it as a Worlds Champion, despite thinking of his long term future as a player and post LoL career with Fnatic.

As it stands, the favorite team for him to go to is G2. The team has recently had their franchise player, Luka “Perkz” Perković leave the team for a new destination. This means the roster’s Marksman position is open and could very well cement G2 has the greatest assembled Western team ever if Rekkles was to make G2 his new home.

Only time will tell where the superstar is going as the offseason roster changes have only just begun.

Craig Robinson
Craig Robinson
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