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The Best Pokemon Unite Builds

Jalen Lopez

Pokémon Unite offers a fun twist on the MOBA genre. Players can play as their favorite Pokémon in 5v5 battles as they help their team collect Aeos Energy. However, each Pokémon comes with unique abilities and stats. Understanding how to use each Pokemon is essential for success and can make or break a team. 

Best Pokemon Unite Builds

Understanding the best builds in Pokémon Unite is crucial. (Image via Nintendo)

The good news is that mastering a Pokémon and understanding the best Pokémon Unite builds is relatively easy with a bit of practice. Our guide will highlight the best build for each class of Pokémon in Pokémon Unite. This list is subjective, so feel free to experiment with other options if these don’t work out. 

All-rounder: Lucario

Best Pokemon Builds

(Image via The Pokemon Company)

Lucario is an excellent choice for most situations, thanks to its All-rounder status. It also has an incredibly high Mobility stat, allowing players to strike fast and retreat from danger. However, Lucario is considered an Expert level Pokémon, and some practice is needed to utilize it correctly. But all Pokémon Unite Builds for Lucario can make it easy for new players to take advantage of the powerful character, including this high damage build. 

Players can unlock either Quick Attack or Meteor Mash early in a match. We recommend selecting the Quick Attack as it can hit multiple enemies and has a relatively short cooldown time. This attack must be lined up correctly, so practice is key. 

At level five, you can select between Extreme Speed or a Power-Up Punch. Power-Up punch is a powerful attack that needs to be charged, slowing movement speed but reducing the damage Lucario receives. This attack also needs to be pointed in the right direction, which is why Lucario does require some practice to be effective. But this attack can be devastating if used correctly, helping Lucario players in battle. 

At level seven, players should select the Bone Rush move instead of Close Combat. This move deals multiple damaging blows with a bone, and the upgraded version resets the cooldown for Power-Up Punch. Combining the two moves allows players to stack several significant attacks. Finally, Lucario’s Aura Cannon Unite move also increases the damage dealt by Lucario’s next Power-Up Punch. This synergy combined with Lucario’s incredible movement can be devastating. 

We recommend using Held Items that increase Lucario’s damage output, like the Muscle Band or Scope Lens. The third slot should be used for an item correlated with your strategy. If you plan on consistently attacking enemies, use a healing or defensive item. Lucario can benefit from healing or movement Battle Items to escape or survive. 

Attackers: Pikachu

Best Pokemon Builds

(Image via The Pokemon Company)

Pikachu is an excellent Attacker capable of dealing significant damage but has low Endurance. However, the proper Pokémon Unite builds can negate shortcomings, including turning Pikachu into an attacking machine. For Pikachu’s first move, we recommend Thunder Shock as it deals damage and paralyzes opponents for a short time. This allows players to deal damage with less risk of retaliation, which can make a difference in the early game. 

At level four, players should learn the Electro Ball move, which deals damage to enemies caught in the area and leaves them paralyzed for a short time. The damage of this move also increases the lower your opponent’s health is. If used correctly, players can eliminate opponents are soften them up for another hit with the Thunder Shock move. At level six, players should select the Thunderbolt move. This move has similar effects as the previous two moves, damaging and stunning enemies. Upgrading this move increases its damage, making it even deadlier. Pikachu’s Thunderstorm Unite move damages all enemies in the vicinity with lighting bolts, dealing significant damage. Use this when dealing with several enemies to help your team.  

Players should use Held Items that increase Pikachu’s damage output to transform it into a devastating Pokemon. At least one slot should be designated for the Shell Bell as it will restore health each time a move lands. This is crucial for Pikachu as its Endurance is relatively low. For the Battle Item, we recommend the X-Attack as it increases Pikachu’s Attack and Special Attack, providing an extra boost. 

Defenders: Crustle

Best Pokemon Builds

(Image via The Pokemon Company)

Crustle is an effective Defender that can take a beating and hold its own in most situations. This Pokémon does not excel in ranged battles, but it is excellent at tanking and supporting teammates. Players can unlock Rock Slide or Fury Cutter at level one. Fury Cutter is the better option as it deals significant damage that increases with each consecutive hit. This will help you level up quickly and get to Crustle’s powerful movies faster. 

We recommend unlocking Rock Tomb at level four. This move creates a rock barrier that damages enemies caught in the area. The barrier also stalls them from advancing or retreating and can help turn the tides of a battle. However, this move does require precise aim, so practice with it to perfect your strategy. 

At level six, X-Scissor is the best option. Crustle dashes forward damaging enemies multiple times and shoves them. This can push enemies away from goals or create space for your team. The upgraded version also reduces the move’s cooldown. Crustle’s Rubble Rouser Unite move creates a shield for a short time that stuns nearby enemies. It also deals damage over time, and enemies receive a portion of damage dealt to Crustle while the shield is active. 

Players should focus on Held Items that restore health and increase movement or attack speed. Crustle cannot heal itself, and an HP recovery is vital. It is also relatively slow, so items like the Float Stone can give it a nice boost. Battle Items should follow the same guidelines. Consider a Potion to keep Crustle in the fight longer or the Eject Button to escape sticky situations. 

Speedster: Zeraora


(Image via The Pokemon Company)

Zeraora is one of the best Speedster Pokémon in Pokemon Unite and has one of the most straightforward Pokémon Unite Builds. This character can deal significant damage and escape danger with ease, perfect for a run and gun playstyle. 

At level one, players should select Slash over Agility. Zerarora pounces players and throws them at the end of the move. This significant damage can be devastating in the early game. Agility is automatically learned at level three, so don’t feel bad about skipping this move for now. At level six, Spark is the best bet. This move allows players to leap at enemies and deal damage when they land. If a basic attack is used before reaching the target, Zeraora will leap to the nearest enemy instead. This move is an excellent way to close the gap between enemies and chase down opponents. 

The next two moves available at level eight are Discharge and Wild Charge. Discharge is the preferred move as it creates an electrical field around Zeaora, damaging enemies nearby enemies. It also creates a small shield that is useful in combat, especially as this Pokémon is typically up close and personal. Zerarora’s Held Items should increase what makes it an effective Pokémon: Its damage output and mobility. We recommend using the Muscle Band, Scope Lens, and Float Stone. The Battle Item should change based on your preferred playstyle, so experiment with different options. 

Support: Blissey


(Image via The Pokemon Company)

Blissey is one of the best support Pokémon in Unite. Some players prefer doing damage, but Pokémon Unite Builds focused on supporting your teammates can make the difference in a match. 

Players start as Chansey before evolving into Blissey at level four. This iteration is not the strongest, and learning the Pound move is the best way to get out of this stage quickly. This move deals damage and decreases an enemy’s movement speed if the move hits. At level four, players should learn the Safeguard move. This removes all status conditions from the player and a designated teammate. Both players also receive a small shield, which increases when the move is leveled up. 

At level six, the Helping Hand move is the best way to support teammates. This increases the movement speed and basic attack speed of the user and nearby teammates, which is an excellent boost in the mid-game. Players should use the Exp. Share Held Item to level up quickly in the early game. This will get players to to Chansey faster and with less issue. Consider using the Buddy Barrier to further assist teammates and the Focus Band to earn health when low to stay in the fight. The Eject Buton is an excellent Battle Item that can help Blissey escape danger in a pinch.

Jalen Lopez

Jalen Lopez

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