Midas Mode 2.0 Announces Creep Chaotic Takeover

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Moonduck Studios has announced the Creep Chaotic Takeover, which will allow VIP attendees to get involved in the event.

Moonduck Studios has announced the Creep Chaotic Takeover, which will allow VIP attendees to get involved in the event.

In a video featuring event host Sir Sadim, Moonduck Studios has announced a new feature for its Dota 2 tournament, Betway Midas Mode 2.0. It’s called the Creep Chaotic Takeover.

Pro teams will be able to purchase a buff to activate fifteen attendees of the event who will then each take control of a lane creep. Attendees can use the creeps to do anything a normal creep can do: move around the map, attack, body block and so on. Theoretically, these controlled creeps could be used to swarm a tower, split push, provide vision across the map and who knows what else. While the pros can try to direct them, it’s up to the VIPs to decide what they’ll actually do. The feature is aptly named as chaos is bound to ensue.

For all the details, check out the Moonduck video below:

Midas Mode 2.0 will run September 24-October 2 and feature competitive Dota 2 using the innovative Midas Mode format across three different regions: Europe, North America and China. This unique game mode requires teams to purchase heroes for play, managing an out-of-game economy in addition to the in-game one. Teams can earn extra money (Moonbucks) by performing bounties; examples from last year’s Midas Mode include all chatting to announce it whenever the team used a Smoke and designating one player to cast the game whenever they were dead.

Already announced is the Virtual Reality Roshan, that will allow one VIP attendee at a time to take over the role of Roshan in the game. Between Roshan and the Creep Chaotic Takeover, Midas Mode is going to give their on-site audience a special, interactive experience. And more reveals are coming!

Moonduck Studios also announced that additional VIP tickets and weekend LAN access passes are now available for purchase.

Full disclosure: Hotspawn is sponsoring Betway Midas Mode 2.0. We will be in attendance, providing unique coverage of the event each day. Stay tuned to our site for further information!

Chelsea Jack
Chelsea Jack
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