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Hyper Scape

To succeed in Hyper Scape you must master aggressive movement, upgrading your load out, and surviving fast paced gun fights. (Photo courtesy Ubisoft)

Hyper Scape is Ubisoft’s latest Battle Royale shooter. Inspired heavily by arena shooters, Hyper Scape transports players into a colorful sci-fi world where contenders compete in fast paced matches, seeking to survive using weapons, special hack abilities, and highly vertical movement. The game is currently in open beta, so details and mechanics in the game are subject to change.

Ubisoft is working with Twitch to implement live events into Hyper Scape. These events are influenced by Twitch viewer votes. When a streamer is in a game, their audience will be invited to vote on various events which can take place. Live events last for a short time and can change the battlefield in a variety of ways, ranging from revealing all player locations to lowering the gravity for the entire map. If no streamers are in game, the events are random.

One of the most significant advantages Hyper Scape brings over its competitors is its 60 tick rate servers. While most BR’s feature low tick rate servers ranging from 20 hz to 30 hz, Ubisoft decided to invest into superior servers for Hyper Scape, featuring a full 60 Hz tick rate. This means that the game is detecting changes are double or triple the rate of its competitors, resulting in a much smoother feeling experience while shooting at enemies. Considering how fast paced the gameplay is, the higher tick rate was a great call.

Seize the crown to win

Currently, Hyper Scape offers only one game mode: Crown Rush. Crown Rush can be played in a solo or a three person squad configuration. This game mode is very similar to a traditional battle royale, where players eliminate enemies until there is only one team left. The only difference in Crown Rush is that a crown spawns when there are two teams remaining, forcing players to engage in a capture the flag style rush to win the game. If a player or squad captures that crown and holds it without dying for a specified amount of time, they become the winner of the match. This end game mechanic is similar to the Oddball game mode in Halo.

The Crown makes the end game unique from other BR shooters. The Crown capture is one of the many ways that Hyper Scape’s mechanics go out of their way to reward active and dynamic gameplay over passive methods. While many BR’s tend to reward a slow end game, where players are encouraged to hide in buildings until there is only a single squad or person left to defeat, Hyper Scape uses the capture the crown mechanic to demand that players actively engage in the end game or lose.

Of course, if claiming crowns isn’t your thing, you can always kill the remaining players if you prefer.

Acquiring weapons and hacks

Building a strong loadout is crucial to success in any battle royale, and Hyper Scape is no exception. Loadouts in Hyper Scape are made up of two elements, hacks and weapons. Like most battle royale shooters, weapons and hacks can be found scattered throughout the map.

Hacks are powerful cooldown abilities. Contenders can add two hacks to their load out at a time. The hack abilities allow you to do anything from generating a wall out of thin air, to teleporting across the map, to revealing enemies through walls. The current list of hacks available in the game includes:

  • Wall
  • Teleport
  • Slam
  • Invisibility
  • Armor
  • Ball
  • Heal
  • Mine
  • Reveal

The weapons in Hyper Scape are a somewhat standard affair for any modern shooter. There is an assault rifle, an SMG, a shotgun, various pistols, a minigun, and some explosive launchers. All weapons take the same type of ammo, so you won’t have to deal with finding and managing light, medium, and heavy ammo, which is a nice quality of life feature. Much like the hacks, you can hold two weapons at any given time.

The weapons feel really good to use across the board, though enemy hitboxes are small, so success with the hitscan guns requires precision. There is minimal recoil on the weapons, so the emphasis is placed instead on tracking fast moving targets. The low recoil combined with the high tick rate servers rewards players who possess excellent aim and target tracking abilities.

Never stop upgrading your loot

Each weapon and hack comes in various upgrade stages. Although it is possible to find fully upgraded copies of weapons or hacks, usually in supply crates or at landmark locations, the majority of items on the map are level 1. Higher level weapons have larger magazines and deal more damage, while higher level hacks have lower cooldowns.

Unlike other Battle Royale games, where low level loot ends up being useless by the end of the match, Hyper Scape features a unique upgrade system called Fusion. Rather than finding a better version of a weapon or hack to swap to, you can upgrade your current items by “fusing” them with another copy of the same item found on the map.

This encourages players to never stop looting and decreases the impact of loot inequality during the end game.

If you pick up a level 1 shotgun at the start of a match, for example, you can upgrade that weapon throughout the match until it is a much higher level without ever having to find a “rare” shotgun. As a result, by the end game most remaining players will have access to decent weapons and hacks, either from finding new versions of their selections on the map or by looting upgraded versions from dead opponents.

Move quickly and learn to trust your aim

Hyper Scape is best described as arena-style first person shooter, with fast paced movement and dynamic gun fights which are often won or lost based on how well a player can simultaneously manage both movement and shooting. There are no accuracy penalties for moving while shooting, so unless you are using a sniper rifle or other long distance weapon, make sure you are constantly moving while in a fight or you will find yourself dying a lot.

In addition to sprinting and sliding, Hyper Scape contenders are also able to perform a double jump and fluidly vault geometry around the map. By combining all of the movement abilities, skilled players can scale buildings, quickly move through the urban environment, and jump from rooftop to rooftop. With such fast movement available, battles rarely start and end in the same place. This means that mastering the movement is essential if you want to find kills and survive gun fights in this game.

If you are an aggressive player, the rooftops will be your friend. From the rooftop you can spot and ambush enemy squads. However, on the flipside, while playing the rooftops you will also be exposed to attack from multiple directions. For players who are less acclimated to the game, or prefer a sneakier playstyle, it is wise to avoid rooftops and look for cover at a street level. Regardless of your playstyle though, you should always be moving.

Always run a movement hack

Since success in Hyper Scape is so reliant on your ability to outmaneuver and give chase to enemies, it is essential that you select at least one movement hack ability if you want a chance in your gun fights. Further, these movement abilities are very helpful in capturing the crown at the end of the game, should you make it that far. If you pick up the crown and don’t have a movement hack, you are a sitting duck.

There are three movement hacks to choose from.

Hyper Scape

(Photo courtesy Ubisoft)

Slam is probably the most useful movement hack. It allows you to perform a super jump which gives you access to the high ground, lets you escape an attacking enemy, and does damage to any enemy you land on while using the hack. Slam can also be combined with the launch pads scattered around the map to quickly reposition.

Teleport is also a very useful movement hack. Teleport does exactly what it sounds like: it allows you to instantly teleport yourself a reasonable distance away. While Slam lets you access high ground and initiate fights aggressively, Teleport can be used to avoid being detected while crossing open areas and can be used to get away from a losing fight in a pinch. For those who are more seekers than hiders, Teleport is a very useful tool in fights, since it allows you to instantly reposition which can disorient or confuse an enemy.

Ball is the most unique, and also least useful, movement hack. It is still probably better than no movement hack, but Ball is definitely the worst one. The ability turns contenders into a large bouncing ball which can jump over buildings. The ball also provides some minor protection from damage until it is destroyed. The downside to Ball is that it’s not particularly subtle and can’t be used nearly as aggressively as the Slam or Teleport abilities, since players have far less control over the mechanics of the Ball than with Slam or Teleport..

Whether you are an aggressive or a defensive player, it’s a good rule to always include at least one of these movement hacks in your loadout.

Take advantage of your echo form

Hyper Scape features a unique revive mechanic. When you go down in a squad mode, you are not immediately eliminated. Instead, you are transformed into an “echo” which is essentially a disembodied version of your character. While in the echo form you can move freely about the map without being seen or taking damage. The echo state can be used to ping enemies and loot for your team. If used properly, the echo form can give your team the recon edge.

Hyper Scape

(Photo courtesy Ubisoft)

When an enemy dies, your squad gains access to a restore point on their body. Echos can activate restore points, where their teammates can then revive them.

Of course, when an echo returns to combat they will have to find new weapons and hacks. Each restore point can only be used once, so if multiple members of your trio are down, you will have to use two separate restore points for each revive.

Learn to navigate Neo Arcadia

Hyper Scape

(Photo courtesy Ubisoft)

Hyper Scape features a large map set in the simulated city of Neo Arcadia. The map is filled with vertical skyscrapers, elevated train tracks, and large cathedrals to climb on. The city, which is reminiscent in style of the world of Tron, is split into asymmetrical sectors. While playing squad modes, a variety of sectors will be unavailable at the start of the match, forcing your team to adapt their landing strategies with each game.

Sectors of the map will collapse periodically throughout a match, forcing any players who are in those sectors to leave or take damage. Once the sector degrades enough, the buildings themselves will dissipate leaving you without any cover, so it is important to quickly exit a collapsing sector. As more and more sectors collapse, the map will grow smaller and force players into encounters with each other. The sectors do not collapse in a predictable manner, which makes every match a unique challenge when it comes to navigating in and out of collapsed sectors.

At the start of every match, all players will launch into the city in pods. You will have a significant amount of control over where you land. Once players reach a certain height above the ground, they leave their pod and drop directly onto the battlefield below, no parachute required.

Like many battle royale titles, the map is filled with dozens of named locations. There are minor locations, which are great for picking up some loot without immediately facing early game chaos. Smaller locations, however, won’t offer the highest grade loot. To ensure you get some weapons quickly, buildings with loot in them can be identified by the glowing gold barriers on their doors and windows.

For the more adventurous and headstrong players, major “landmark” locations are available for your perusal. These major named locations, marked in large gold letters on the map, are heavily populated with high tier loot. Landmarks often feature fully upgraded weapons and hacks. Due to the great loot, these locations are heavily populated with players, but they can be a great way to short circuit the often match-long process of finding and upgrading the weapons and hacks you prefer.

Hyper Scape is a very fast paced arena style shooter which rewards skillful aim and movement management. The game’s simplified and elegant looting system removes many of the inventory management headaches which have plagued BR’s over the past several years, leaving players to focus on the gameplay. For players who enjoy fast paced shooters with an emphasis on vertical mobility, Hyper Scape is an incredible playground filled with exciting moments.

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