Apex Legends Weapon Tier List

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Apex Legends is a game based all around gunplay and how accurate your shot is. Having the right weapon that fits your playstyle is imperative in Apex.

Apex Legends is a game based all around gunplay and how accurate your shot is. Having the right weapon that fits your playstyle is imperative in Apex.

Apex Legends is a game based all around gunplay and how accurate your shot is. Having the right weapon that fits your playstyle is imperative in Apex, regardless if you are a suppressive LMG or a heavy hitting shotgunner. There are 19 different weapons spread across the map, and it can get confusing on which weapon you should favor over another.

There always seems to be another weapon better than others, and it can be a tough decision as players can only hold onto two weapons. We have compiled a tier list so players can easily decipher which weapons are the best to hold onto.

Tier S


The Wingman from Apex Legends

Other pistols in Apex Legends do not compare to the Wingman, but this hand cannon relies heavily on shot accuracy. The Wingman isn’t very forgiving towards those who lack the skill of landing direct shots. This weapon is ranked so high is because when you do land shots, they hit hard. Two to three shots can easily down an unarmed player, which could be the momentum swing needed in the early game. A Wingman fully kitted out with the Skullpiercer Rifling Attachment can easily turn this weapon into a mid-to-long range gun.

Kraber .50-CAL Sniper

The Kraber .50-CAL Sniper from Apex Legends

The Kraber Sniper Rifle is a legendary weapon that uses a unique type of ammo that cannot be replenished. Players can only find this weapon within a loot crate. This sniper can take down enemies with only one shot, regardless of their armor type. If you pass by this weapon, immediately pick it up. Leaving this weapon on the ground for another enemy to pick up is a recipe for disaster.


The Peacekeeper shotgun from Apex Legends

This shotgun is one of the best weapons in the game, and is considered to be a “must pick up” gun. Equipping the Precision Choke Hop-Up will allow players to hold down their aim down sights to charge up the Peacekeeper. The Precision Choke Hop-Up tightens up the Peacekeeper’s spread. Headshots with the Peacekeeper can go over 100 damage, which is something everybody needs in Apex.

Tier A


The Mastiff shotgun from Apex Legends

Just like the Kraber, the Mastiff is a legendary weapon that uses a specific type of ammo that cannot be replenished. The only reason the Peacekeeper is ranked over the Mastiff is due to its kickback power. It can be difficult to land shots at close range with a weapon so powerful, but with the capability of dealing 288 damage in one shot, the Mastiff is definitely valuable.

VK-47 Flatline

VK-47 Flatline from Apex Legends

The VK-47 Flatline is a fan-favorite assault rifle due to its high accuracy, stability, and damage per second. This assault rifle is easy to handle for players who are new to the game, and veterans will be able to use the VK-47 Flatline with ease. The Flatline is best used in fights within the medium to long range.

M600 Spitfire

M600 Spitfire from Apex Legends

The M600 Spitfire is arguably the best LMG in Apex Legends. The Spitfire’s accuracy and handling are impressively easy, as LMGs are typically hard to handle with due to kickback. Equipping an extended magazine and a scope will turn this LMG into a weapon that can handle any fight from close to long distance.

G7 Scout

G7 Scout from Apex Legends

The G7 Scout is a semi-automatic sniper rifle that can be used as a single shot assault rifle or a rapid-fire sniper rifle. Players who prefer to fire fast will prefer the G7 Scout over other Sniper Rifles like the Longbow or Kraber. Equipped with attachments, this weapon can turn into a versatile weapon ready for any situation.

Longbow DMR

The Longbow DMR from Apex Legends

The semi-automatic Longbow DMR deals twice the damage as the G7 Scout but fires much more slowly. For players who prefer a typical sniper, the Longbow DMR will be perfect for them. The 5-round magazine makes it easy to pick off players, or to lay down suppressive fire while your squad rotates across the map.

Tier B

EVA-A Auto

The EVA-A Automatic Shotgun from Apex Legends

The Peacekeeper and Mastiff clearly trump over the EVA-A Automatic shotgun, but its fire rate makes this weapon worth a pick up. The EVA-A is best used in the early game when players can be close and you need to create a bit of distance. Unfortunately, the EVA-A is not nearly as hard-hitting as other shotguns in Apex Legends.

R-301 Carbine

The R-301 Carbine from Apex Legends

This highly precise assault rifle is a good substitution for the Flatline if you can’t find it. If you toss on attachments, the R-301 can turn into one of the best assault rifles in the game. A stock R-301 can carry 18 bullets in a magazine, which holds similar characteristics towards an SMG.

Prowler Burst PDW

Prowler Burst PDW from Apex Legends

This P90 lookalike has a 5-round burst with an intensely fast fire rate. New players will find this weapon difficult to utilize as the Prowler’s handling is pretty low. The Selectfire Receiver Hop-Up can turn the Prowler into any other SMG with full automatic fire, but other weapons are preferred over the Prowler Burst PDW.

Hemlok Burst AR

Hemlok Burst AR from Apex Legends

This three round burst AR holds 18 rounds in a magazine. Thanks to the Hemlok’s fast fire rate, this weapon will be able to hold up against almost any other weapon. If you cannot land your shots, players will find that they will be lacking in gunfights. Players who are not fully confident in their shots should pick up an automatic weapon like the R-99 or R-301 Carbine.

R-99 SMG

R-99 SMG from Apex Legends

The R-99 is a great weapon in the early game due to its fast fire rate. This weapon has its advantages during close combat, but the R-99 doesn’t deal that much damage. The R-99 can be great for scaring off enemies or dealing that last bit of damage in order to down them, but besides that, you aren’t left with much.

Tier C

Alternator SMG

Even though the Alternator is categorized as an SMG, it is much more comparable to a twin-barrel pistol. The Alternator SMG has slightly better damage than the R-99, but its recoil is almost unbearable. Regardless of tossing on attachments, handling the Alternator SMG is a pain in the neck.

Triple Take

The Triple Take sniper from Apex Legends

This Sniper Rifle might be one of the most unique weapons in Apex Legends due to the fact that the Triple Take fires three bullets in a straight, horizontal row. Unfortunately, the further an enemy is, the farther the spray will be between the three bullets. Finding energy ammo takes a lot of time, and there are simply other options within the Sniper Rifle category.

Devotion LMG

Devotion LMG from Apex Legends

A stock Devotion can hold an impressive amount of 44 rounds in a magazine. The Devotion LMG uses energy ammo and takes a few seconds to spin up before firing. Adding the Turbocharger Hop-Up lowers the time it takes to charge up the Devotion, but its strong recoil and slow fire rate make this weapon hard to deal with. The Spitfire LMG is a much better option, especially since Heavy ammunition is much more abundant than energy ammo.

Tier D


P2020 from Apex Legends

This pistol is your standard pistol that can hold 10 rounds in a magazine. The P2020 isn’t much use in the late game, but if you drop and can’t find any other weapon then this pistol is worth the pick-up. The reload time of 1.25 seconds on the P2020 also makes this weapon an ideal starter gun.

RE-45 Auto

RE45 from Apex Legends

Holding only 10 rounds in its magazine, the RE-45 spits a ton of damage in a short amount of time. The handling on the RE-45 is what really negatively effects this automatic pistol. If you drop and are only able to find the RE-45, then you should be able to fight off an enemy or two before you find yourself losing to other weapons.

Tier F

Mozambique Shotgun

The Mozambique shotgun from Apex Legends

This pistol styled Shotgun only holds three shots in a magazine. This shotgun is deceiving in the fact that some pistols can deal higher damage than the Mozambique. Body shots can deal a maximum of 45 damage while headshots can hit for 66 damage, which isn’t much to be considered with the Mozambique’s fire rate and reload speed. Simply put, find another gun.

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