Apex Legends: Legends Tier List

Lawrence Phillips  | 
Through different classes and characters, Apex gives each player the unique ability to stand out from their competitors and aid their teammates in incredibly versatile ways.

Through different classes and characters, Apex gives each player the unique ability to stand out from their competitors and aid their teammates in incredibly versatile ways. (Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment)

Ranking Apex Legends roster of characters is a tricky one as many heroes synergize well with others but are less impactful on their own. We’ve ranked the legends in Respawn Entertainment’s Battle Royale from S-Tier to C-Tier.



Lifeline Legend

Lifeline is hands down Apex Legends’ strongest character

If we had an S+ tier, then Lifeline would have been part of it all by herself. Easily the best legend, Lifeline has been a top-tier pick ever since Season One. An out-and-out support character, Lifeline’s ability set focuses on sustainability, and her small frame and hitbox makes her a difficult target. Her tactical ability D.O.C Drone drops an adorable little drone that heals 7.5 health a second for 20 seconds. What’s great about this ability is it can be used in combat while hiding behind cover, allowing you to engage enemies while healing yourself and your allies. Although the Drone can no longer heal outside of the circle, it’s still incredibly powerful.

Her passive creates an impenetrable 180 degree radius shield around Lifeline when trying to revive a team-mate. Originally this was all her passive did, but it was buffed over Season Four and Five and renamed to Combat Revive instead of Combat Medic. The new and improved passive now allows Lifeline access to secret compartments in Blue Supply Bins and the potential to revive two team-mates simultaneously. The D.O.C drone can be left to complete a revive on a fallen ally, allowing the Lifeline player the opportunity to revive a second.

As if her support capabilities weren’t already insane, her ultimate Care Package drops a pod full of high-quality defensive gear every six minutes. Lifeline is the lifeblood of a good comp, and her ability to heal, revive and gear up her team-mates is invaluable, especially as all Body Shields now offer 25 less armor. Plus everyone loves a good Lifeline player.



Bangalore’s versatility makes an invaluable pick

One of the initial eight characters when Apex Legends was launched, Bangalore has remained virtually untouched in terms of balance changes across all six seasons. Yet she is still a top tier legend. Her tactical ability Smoke Launcher can be used defensively to give you time to resurrect allies or flee an unfavorable gunfight, or to help you advance on an enemy. In professional play, the ability is also used to blind high ground snipers or to detect an enemy’s presence in an area.

Bangalore’s passive Double Time gives you a 30% movement boost for two seconds when taking fire, great for allowing you to dart between cover. Her Ultimate Rolling Thunder is the trickiest part to play her effectively due to the eight second delay, but if placed well deals 40 damage per explosion and slows your enemies. Bangalore is a great all rounder, and since Smoke Launcher now comes with two charges, you can spam it continuously to turn the tides of battle in your favor. Bangalore is a great character to start out with and is a solid backbone of any team.



Despite nerfs Pathfinder’s mobility is still an invaluable asset

In Season Five, Pathfinder’s Grappling Hook cooldown was increased from 15 to 35 seconds, and in Season Six his unique passive ability to use Survey Beacons was shared between all recon characters. However, despite these changes, Pathfinder is still one of the best legends. A few hours and a couple of YouTube highlight reels later, most players will get to grips with the Grappling Hook to be able to use the momentum to swing around rocks, ascend buildings and escape danger effortlessly. The Grappling Hook alone makes Pathfinder incredibly fun to play and he also has some of the best voice lines in the game.

His Ultimate, Zipline Gun, can extend up to 100 meters, meaning you can escape the circle, rush an enemy team or position yourself on terrain inaccessible by foot. The cooldown of the Ultimate can be reduced by accessing Survey Beacons, which is not a brilliant passive but his two other abilities grant so much mobility it’s insane.



For aggressive minded players Bloodhound should be their go-to

If you’re all about action and camping is against your nature, then Bloodhound is the legend for you. Relevant at all skill levels, all three of Bloodhound’s abilities focus on tracking down enemies. This can ensure you can get straight to the action instead of spending ten minutes looting. The non-binary Legend’s passive Tracker can detect 28 different actions including if a legend has climbed, slid, dropped or passed through an area in the last 90 seconds. The clues can be pinged to team-mates and ravens manifest around enemy tracks to draw your attention to them.

Bloodhound’s tactical ability is Eye of the Allfather which is an AOE scan that works through structures. It will briefly reveal enemy positions and show you their location for four seconds. This ability is a camper’s nightmare and will allow you and your team to avoid ambushes as well as plan your assault of an occupied building. Bloodhound’s ultimate Beast of the Hunt is the icing on the cake that lets you transform into a killing machine. When activated your senses are heightened and all enemies and their footprints are highlighted in red. Bloodhound will move faster and be able to use the Eye of the Allfather AOE scan every 6 seconds instead of 25. In terms of hero design, Bloodhound is Apex Legends’ best, and a legend that gives an immense strategic advantage on the battlefield.



Wraith Apex Legends

Solo players love Wraith, team players – not so much

If you’ve been playing Apex then there is no way you haven’t had to deal with a Wraith in nearly every squad. Voices From the Void allows you to know when you’ve been pinged as a target by an enemy squad which can be invaluable to let your team know when they’ve been caught. Into the Void is an easy escape from any awkward situation solo, but leaves behind a trail that can be easily followed. Finally, Dimensional Rift is incredibly powerful if you want to split up to cover more ground then group up once again, or escape a hairy situation. Knocked teammates can also crawl through a Rift to safety. Be warned, though, enemies can use the Dimensional Rift to their advantage as well.

The reason Wraith is not S-tier is that she is very much a solo legend which is why she is so prevalent in pub games.  She can rack up kills easily in the hands of a gifted player, but normally at the cost of her team-mates lives.  If you’re a party of one though, no other legend is as slippery as Wraith. She is also the most played legend by a mile.


Rampart Apex Legends

Season Six’s new legend Rampart is a third party crashing expert.

Rampart joined Apex Legends in Season Six and surprisingly was not as overpowered as many expected. A defensive legend, Rampart’s backstory is that she is a modder in the wild west world of the Outlands. Rampart thrives in the hands of players who can predict the flow of battle by setting up Amped Cover barriers that boost outgoing damage by 20% and stop incoming fire. Her Ultimate Emplaced Minigun Sheila lets you set up shop by turning the Minigun on her back into a controllable turret, whose bullets benefit from the Amped Cover damage boost.

Rampart’s Amped Cover boosts the damage of herself and her team-mates plus offers defense for a clutch revival. Well suited to players keen on a more strategic approach to combat, Rampart can make a high ground position seem insurmountable. Plus, her Modded Loader passive granting increased magazine size and faster reload for LMGs is especially potent as the Devotion LMG is now a floor weapon in Season Six. A master of setting up a third party bloodbath, Rampart is a game changer for mid to long-range combat. If you’re interested to learn more about her, we put together a full guide here.



Never fight without gear with a Loba on your team.

Equipping your party with the best loot ahead of the end game is a talent in itself. Fortunately Loba makes things much easier by being able to spy Epic and Legendary loot through walls courtesy of her passive Eye for Quality. These can then be pinged to team-mates.

Loba’s Ultimate Black Market Boutique also cuts down time looting by bringing all the loot in the area to you in a pocket shop that she can set up every 90 seconds. If you’ve been unlucky with loot in the early game, Loba can deck out your team with their comfort weapons. The Black Market Boutique is exceptionally useful if members of your team have been resurrected and will avoid them entering the final circles with random scraps of leftover loot.

Finally Loba’s tactical ability, Burglar’s Best Friend, enables her to teleport to hard-to-reach places by throwing her jump drive bracelet. This is a really fun mechanic and opens up possibilities for some great highlight reel outplays. Loba is ideal for players who love to gear up to the max before entering the fray and the 90 second cooldown on her ultimate means you’ll have plenty of time to shop. For more information on how to play Loba, why not check out our guide?



Reliable and safe, Gibraltar is a great legend to start out with

There’s nothing inherently wrong with Gibraltar. He’s a strong defensive character with a lot of self-protection and a way to clear enemies out of an area (Defensive Bombardment). But that doesn’t make him particularly strong, either. Gun Shield is a potentially strong passive, but it pales when you compare it to the passives of some of our higher tier Legends. Additionally, his defensive capabilities are somewhat negated by decent looting– if your opponent has purple armor and shield cells, it’s essentially on par with the entirety of Gibraltar’s defensive kit. Situationally, he’s strong, particularly in close combat situations.

In Season Three, Gibraltar received some buffs to his kit, like 25% healing times for him and his allies in his Dome of Protection. This makes him more of a team player, though, Gibraltar is not the team player you necessarily need. Gibraltar has the biggest hit box and although as a Fortified Legend he takes 15% less damage from attacks, he’s still a very easy target.  That said, for players starting out in Apex Legends Gilbraltar is a good place to start alongside Bangalore and Lifeline.




Revenant looks cool but substance wise, there is not much there.

While the design for Revenant and his backstory are brilliant, the legend itself is somewhat underwhelming. Added in Season Four, the reveal of Revenant caused a stir but in practice his abilities are far too situational for him to be classed as an S or A tier legend. Revenant’s Tactical Ability Silence is his most impressive, as if it connects it will damage and more importantly disable enemy abilities for 20 seconds. This disable mechanic is unique to Revenant but it’s hefty 25 second cooldown and small area of effect means it’s only really lethal in enclosed spaces.

Revenant’s passive, Stalker, focuses around movement, buffing his ability to climb. This is a neat little perk as it means you can scale buildings unexpectedly to launch surprise attacks, but it doesn’t help your allies on the ground. Finally, his Ultimate, Death Totem,  drops a totem that protects all party members from death, respawning them at the totem at 50 HP should they fall. When Revenant was first released this caught many players off guard, but with the current map very open, experienced players now simply spy the Death Totem and either camp it when you die or shoot it down. Very much a flash in the pan, a Revenant is a very rare sight in Apex Legends.



Octane is incredibly fun to play but not a team player

Arriving as part of Apex Legends’ first Battlepass in Season One, Octane remains a guilty pleasure of many players. The reality is that Octane’s contribution to the team is minimal but he is ridiculously fun to play. His tactical ability Stim gives you haste (+40% sprint speed) at the cost of 12 HP, which you can regain naturally with his passive Swift Mend. The cooldown on Stim is just 2 seconds, meaning you can basically spend the entire game running around like a maniac.

Octane’s Ultimate, Launch Pad, adds the option for players to catapult through the air, which is less impressive than Pathfinder’s Zipline Gun, but infinitely more entertaining. As a result of Octane’s high speed and manic playstyle, having one on your team is a bit of a liability. Octane players are prone to run off to other areas on their own or flee the battlefield to save their own skin. Much like Wraith, Octane is a solo legend. However, when it comes to zipping in and out to collect allied banners, Octane is your man.



Wattson clearly belongs in a different video game.

Wattson is one of the least played characters in Apex Legends, with Apex Tracker ranking her #11 out of 13 in terms of pick rate. The reason for this is her abilities are only useful in very specific situations, and her playstyle is exceptionally slow for a Battle Royale game. Her tactical ability Perimeter Security creates an electrified fence which damages and slows enemies, but relies on enemies walking into them. In wide open spaces, Perimeter Security is virtually useless, and the current iteration of the map has a lot of them.

Wattson’s one saving grace is her Ultimate Interception Pylon, which destroys all incoming projectiles such as grenades or arc stars, and repairs damaged shields. Her passive Spark of Genius boosts the speed at which you gain your Ultimate, but the Pylon can be destroyed. In general, if you happen to be an insanely defensive player happy to wait patiently for enemies to run into your well placed trap, then Wattson of all heroes is for you. However, don’t be heartbroken when they just run around them instead.




Aside from his voicelines, Caustic doesn’t offer much to the team

Respawn have tried their best to make Caustic appealing but even in Season Six the only thing really going for him is that he has amusing voicelines. Although they primarily focus around death, something you will experience a lot as Caustic. If you’re defending a building with your life, then Caustic’s Nox Gas Traps will help you block doors, discourage wise enemies and poison those foolish enough to enter.  Fortunately in Season Six, Nox Gas Traps now no longer slow allies.

Jokes aside, Caustic, much like Wattson, is exceptional but only in an extremely defensive situation. The Nox Gas Traps can be shot before activating, and enemies can easily escape the AOE before the damage ticks increase significantly. Likewise, his Ultimate, Nox Gas Grenade, can be escaped before things get really deadly. On top of rather underwhelming abilities, Caustic is slow and has a large hitbox. Ultimately, unless they rework the entire concept of the hero, Caustic will remain underplayed. A very hit or miss legend that is also not very entertaining to play.


Mirage Apex Legends

The coolest cat in Apex Legends, it’s a shame Mirage isn’t actually useful

Honestly, asking why to play Mirage is hopeless. There isn’t a strong reason to play Mirage regardless of team composition. His passive relies on being downed to be effective for five seconds, his Tactical Ability relies on enemies not paying close enough attention, and his Ultimate is a completely solo 1v1-esque ability meant to give him the competitive edge. Alas, a competitive edge for an Ultimate is a no-go when you compare it to Bloodhound’s Beast of the Hunt or Bangalore’s Rolling Thunder. Character wise, Mirage is a good laugh and the comic relief of almost every Apex Legends trailer in history.  In-game though he’s warming the substitute bench.


Crypto Apex Legends

Crypto is a little too tactical for Apex, perhaps Rainbow Six would suit him better

Crypto was Season Three’s new Legend. He took on the specialist role with balance in mind. Crypto mainly uses his Surveillance Drone to scout enemy teams, giving team-wide intelligence on enemy positions. This can be followed up by the EMP charge to kick off a fight, destroying shields and slowing opponents for your pushing teammates. In addition, he seems to be the go-to counter should Rampart see a surge in popularity as his EMP Charge shutdowns both her Amped Cover and Sheila Minigun ultimate.

However, Crypto’s drone can be easily taken out, negating his entire kit’s effectiveness for 40 seconds. Furthermore, Crypto will need to position well or be guarded while on the drone. There is a lot of balance to consider playing this Legend, making him a niche and difficult Legend to play. Overall, Crypto is the better version of Bloodhound for team reasons, but for non-party players, Bloodhound should be the go-to.

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