Meet the Hotspawn Team


Meet Stephen Andrews, Product Manager (left), Justin Hartling, Business Manager (right).

Are you an esports fan looking for the latest information on your favorite teams? A casual player looking to take your game to the next level? Just trying to figure out what exactly esports are?

Then Hotspawn is for you.

Built from the ground up as the latest (and one day greatest) hub for all things esports, Hotspawn’s goal is to provide all the information and tools you need to be the best player/fan you can be. From news to data, guides, rosters, and more, Hotspawn has it all (and if it doesn’t, it will soon!)

Wondering who is behind Hotspawn? Great question – that is Justin and Stephen, two gaming and esports fans who work to make Hotspawn the best it can be. We also have a stable of amazing writers creating the best content around – covering all the esports you could want!

Interested in connecting with us? Visit our Contact Us Page or social media channels listed below to get in.


Justin Hartling
Justin has been writing professionally for his entire career with a background in journalism and broadcasting. After writing about what other people wanted for years, Justin came up with the idea for Hotspawn – allowing him to combine his love of writing and of esports.
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Stephen Andrews
Stephen is the Product Manager for Hotspawn (which means he works to stop things from breaking!) The first game he ever played was Perfect Dark and he hasn't put down a controller since.
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Chelsea Jack
Chelsea is the managing editor of Hotspawn. Chelsea's days are full of esports, books, and raising two video game enthusiasts. She's passionate about storytelling and community.
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Gillian Linscott
Gillian is Hotspawn's Communication Manager. She is also a lifelong gamer with a habit of getting distracted by random side quests, falling in love with fictional video game characters and forever buying wards as a position 5 in Dota 2. You can normally find her watching far too many Twitch streams to be human and rambling about esports community issues with a cup of coffee in hand.
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Mike Plant
Michael Plant has been playing League of Legends since 2010 and analyzing it nearly as long. More recently, he's been interested in the developing PUBG and Fortnite scenes. When he's not playing or watching video games, he's more than likely following one of his Houston sports teams.
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